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Algae bloom in Northwest and cold in Canada

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  • mike@usinter.net
    So why is much of the nation/Canada feeling so COLD? Why is Alaska burning? The coldest May, June and August on record in Winnipeg, now followed with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2004
      So why is much of the nation/Canada feeling so COLD? Why is Alaska

      The coldest May, June and August on record in Winnipeg, now followed
      with the earliest frost in record for the NE edge of the Praries.

      Canada.com article enclosed or the site:


      Here is the article:

      Early Prairie frost worries farmers
      Hope to salvage once-promising crop

      Michelle Macafee
      Canadian Press

      Saturday, August 21, 2004

      WINNIPEG (CP) -- One of the earliest frosts on record Friday had
      farmers across much of southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba wringing
      their hands as they hoped to salvage a once-promising crop.

      While the unseasonable cold did not produce the so-called "killing
      frost" that can destroy entire fields in a matter of hours, a stretch
      of warmer, drier weather is needed in the next few weeks to avert
      disaster. "It's just a typical thing, you're at the mercy of Mother
      Nature and she can either make you or break you," said Murray
      Downing, who is growing winter wheat and canola about 250 kilometres
      west of Winnipeg.

      "If that had been a harder frost, it could have been a year's worth
      of work gone up in smoke."

      "A whole whack" of records were set Friday morning in Saskatchewan
      and Manitoba, said Environment Canada meteorologist Dale Marciski.

      In Winnipeg, the temperature fell to zero degrees Celsius, breaking
      the previous record of 0.6 C set in 1895</blockquote>

      Just more proof of how powerful the impact on the jet stream is
      from the increased conductivities brought about by that algae patch
      in the NE I have been talking about since Friday. So why is much of
      the nation feeling so COLD? Why is Alaska burning? Here are the
      links, if you weren't paying attention or missed them:



      PLUS the tie in the European heat wave last year with algae and jet
      stream behaviors:

      The heat wave that killed tens of thousands of French. Some
      meteorologists have blamed the jet stream, but have not explained why
      the jet has behaved the way it did:


      It seems like that heat wave has been looked at from every view but a
      biological one. I here attempt to give fair readers my eyes:



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