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Venus Transited; Mercury Rising

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  • leo sullivan
    Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:42:05 -0000 From: mike@usinter.net Subject: Does anyone find it highly amusing that with all this controversy about the Supreme Court
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2004
      Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:42:05 -0000
      From: mike@...
      Subject: Does anyone find it highly amusing that with all this
      controversy about the
      Supreme Court and protecting sexual activty -- private sexual acts,
      that no one really understands what sexual reproduction IS?

      ... Now what purpose would mass periods serve humans? Mmm? ...
      So I was thinking about feedbacks, how if you had no meeting of the
      parasol with the cellular aspect, with this reproduction, the
      symbiotic relationship suffered, and the feedback would be
      the 'period'. A period with 'blood' is cellular, lacks nucleotides,
      so it can't reproduce by itself, and most importantly contains iron
      which is highly conductive and has important features as far as
      trapping gasses. It is a complexity which surely has a gaia feedback

      So now the world is dominated by red blooded creatures and mercury
      is a 'poison'. For now, anyway.


      Health Effects and Heavy Metal Exposure

      "Heavy metals affect three main areas of the human body: the nervous
      system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system. Heavy metals,
      such as mercury and lead, disrupt nerve cell growth and metabolism.
      They have been implicated in a variety of nervous system disorders.
      Recently, it has been discovered that mercury is elevated in the brains
      of Alzheimer patients. Previously, it was thought that aluminum caused
      the brain lesions associated with Alzheimer´┐Żs, but it now appears that
      mercury may be the main neurotoxin.

      "Recent published research on Finnish men has demonstrated a two- to
      three-fold increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease
      linked to the mercury in fish. Other research has found an extremely
      high concentration of mercury and antimony in diseased heart tissue. It
      appears that heavy metals accumulating in extremely high concentrations
      in heart muscle may lead to heart failure and electrical instability.
      Exposure to toxic metals has also been linked to immune system
      deficits, which lead to chronic infections, increased autoimmune
      reactions, and the growth of cancerous cells. High levels of metals
      such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic have been linked to
      decreased number and activity of white blood cells. This limits
      resistance to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites."

      greetings and pleasantries:

      Not sure I can agree the Earth is"dominated" by humanity -except
      That is the Anthro-centric argument I suppose.
      I'd identify more with the bio-mass of Insecta, the ubiquity of
      flatworms, or the gas-exchanging,
      who-knows-what efflorescence of the oceans.

      There are of course, amoung biologists a couple of good au courant
      rationales for the "synchronized period"
      phenom .
      As far as I can follow your sketch, I suppose, Mike, You are suggesting
      that the female expulsion of waste blood is akin to some
      yet-to-be-differentiated Gaian process that ends with some portion of
      perhaps humanity ?- being expelled, literally or metaphorically or
      even both, in a transcendent Pan-spermic

      But to go further, Mike- Just on a hunch, I'd say the reason that the
      you mention is there [in Gaia] -
      in its' current toxic, pesticidal form -
      it's to cut down on these pesky humans who think
      it's OK to dump rad-waste etc. into the big kids' gene pools.
      That *%&# doesn't quite wash off so nicely, if you have to breathe in

      BTW: Ever note how metals are often the delivery system for toxic
      Sorta kinda goes together, like ,oh-... credulousness, and laziness
      But that doesn't make industrial concentrations of either one safe for
      higher Cenozoic-era life forms;
      actually it all will tend to compound the biologic insults in humans
      and their prey.

      If you are an algae, though... well, you and your friends are in luck;
      and you conceivably just might one day save your ocean-bottom;
      but you will need all the help you can get .

      "The heavy metal binding power of chlorella was first discovered in the
      mining industry. It was mixed with water, pumped into mine shafts in
      huge quantities to collect the residual metals after bulk mining had
      been completed, from which the bound metals were then collected. A
      person could not possibly consume the same relative amount of chlorella
      that was used to accomplish this goal, about 60% of their body weight,
      and this is why heavy metal detox with chlorella has so far produced
      poor results. "
      [ http://www.healingedge.net/briefs_ndf.html

      Of course algin, a sea-algae product, is also noted for an
      ability to bio-isolate metals in algae - and at least
      temporarily- in humans.


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