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Does anyone find it highly amusing that with all this controversy about the

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  • mike@usinter.net
    Supreme Court and protecting sexual activty -- private sexual acts, that no one really understands what sexual reproduction IS? Mmmmm? Last night I was mopping
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2004
      Supreme Court and protecting sexual activty -- private sexual acts,
      that no one really understands what sexual reproduction IS?


      Last night I was mopping the solan for the better half and thinking
      about a number of spots on the health of the oceans. I understand
      that fish are becoming so full of mercury that they are not healthy
      for humans to consume. But that got me to thinking WHY is something
      a poison in the biological sense. And further on the idea that
      ecologies all fit together in gaia. In other words, after four
      billion years a little mercury should be very easy for evolution to
      have evolved a solution to avoid ANY chemical being a problem, so
      there is a REASON that a chemical is a problem.

      So I am mopping away, and I had this strange set of followup
      thoughts, which I doubt I will be able to communicate, but I will
      try. I suspect I have been thinking about this problem for 20 years,
      and just didn't know it. It's the product, perhaps, of being a
      meteorologist AND a biologists son.

      I was into creative writing 20 years ago and wrote this line, which
      I have repeated here before, and think it is funny or amusing to me:

      "Every good love story ends with a period."

      Because it gets to the gaia question of just exactly what sexual
      reproduction is. As you may know I think that gaia is electrical and
      that the male part has to do with parasol regulation, which can take
      place in the microphysics of forming ice just with the nucleotides
      in a DC field, whereas the female part has to do with a mass or
      cummulation of cells in the oceans that can both directly impact
      conductivity (containment of conductive materials over diffusion of
      them) and indirectly impact it via cumulated CO2 and gas exchanges.
      Then you have the moon roiling the oceans and the gas exchange and
      conductivity aspects of that and periods taking place with the moon
      cycle? Now what purpose would mass periods serve humans? Mmm?

      So I was thinking about feedbacks, how if you had no meeting of the
      parasol with the cellular aspect, with this reproduction, the
      symbiotic relationship suffered, and the feedback would be
      the 'period'. A period with 'blood' is cellular, lacks nucleotides,
      so it can't reproduce by itself, and most importantly contains iron
      which is highly conductive and has important features as far as
      trapping gasses. It is a complexity which surely has a gaia feedback

      So now the world is dominated by red blooded creatures and mercury
      is a 'poison'. For now, anyway.



      Ron Reagan to Address Democrat Delegates

      "WASHINGTON - Democrats have snagged a high-profile speaker — and a
      measure of political one-upmanship — for this month's convention:
      Ron Reagan. The younger son of the late President Reagan will
      address the Democratic National Convention in Boston about stem cell

      David Wade, a spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate John
      Kerry (news - web sites), said Monday that Reagan will have a "prime
      time" speaking slot during the July 26-29 convention. "Ron Reagan's
      courageous pleas for stem cell research add a powerful voice to the
      millions of Americans hoping for cures for their children, for their
      parents and for their grandparents," Wade said.

      Reagan, 46, has been critical of the Bush administration's
      restriction of federal funding for human embryonic stem cell
      research and the war in Iraq (news - web sites).

      But he said his speech will only deal with the subject of stem cell
      research, something he and Nancy Reagan have argued could lead to
      cures for a number of diseases like the Alzheimer's that afflicted
      the late president. Because the extraction of stem cells destroys
      day-old embryos, the process is opposed by groups who link it to

      "If they had asked me to say a few words about throwing George Bush
      out of office, I wouldn't do it," Reagan told The Philadelphia
      Inquirer. "This gives me a platform to educate people about stem
      cell research." "

      My comment on this stem cell research would be gaia based too. As we
      age our bodies contain less and less water. We become more 'salty'.

      And yet our brains must adjust to that chemistry and still function.
      That adjustment is a complexity that has evolved not just within our
      species but over great time periods and over many countless
      nucleotide sortings in cloud parasols that produced a living earth.
      So the climate of the earth over time, as modulated by the global
      biosphere, has produced the complexities required for the ongoing
      thinking abilities of our own brains. From mad cow to Alzheimer's--
      the idea of a desease in an individual species probably has a root
      in a feedback that actually in its proper previous context regulated
      a living earth, dampened against the chaotic electrical patterns
      that increased the macrobiosphere's ability to adjust to changing
      settings and still retain the atmosphere from being wisked away by
      the solar winds or from becoming too hot or too cold or too violent.
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