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Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and gaia

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  • mike@usinter.net
    http://www-das.uwyo.edu/~geerts/cwx/notes/chap12/mjo.html Fig 2: Schematic of the MJO. The cross section represents the equatorial belt around the globe, or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2004

      "Fig 2: Schematic of the MJO. The cross section represents the
      equatorial belt around the globe, or just the eastern hemisphere. E
      stands for evaporation, SW for net shortwave radiation absorbed by
      the ocean. The converging bold green arrows indicate the location of
      strongest moisture convergence. The hollow green arrows show the
      anomalous circulation associated with the MJO. The areas of enhanced
      convection are indicated by the yellow schematic thunderstorm.
      (adapted from Elleman 1997)"

      Schematic is used here, but is a term of art in electronics--and
      indeed clouds with their water content have a much stronger
      dielectric value relative to DC field couplings between ionosphere
      and ocean. The warm tropical waters are more conductive than colder
      waters, and hence all along the tropics, electrically, there is a
      connection to what occurs in the WARMEST tropical waters where MJO
      exists. The proximaty of land to the tropics in that region also
      serves as a place where contrasting DC coupling fields between land
      and ocean provide monsoonal features and hence more 'dielectric'
      material to present patterns for large scale AC features. While
      patterns are ultimately tied to both the impedences involved, such as
      roiling gas exchange conductivities, SSTs (warmer oceans are more
      condcutive), biological based conductivities, and wind direction
      driven ocean movement inductions, convection separates out charges
      and 'powers' the circuitry of the global tropical patterns.
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