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Burning Earth Society

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  • mike@usinter.net
    I have just spent some time at a web sited called Burning Earth Society--located at http://www.co2andclimate.org . It features climatologist and ordained
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
      I have just spent some time at a web sited called Burning Earth
      Society--located at http://www.co2andclimate.org . It features
      climatologist and ordained minister, John Christy, with a 25 year
      report on climate. Christy was appointed by the Alabama Republican
      govenor to be the state of Alabama's climatologist. There are two
      interesting features of his paper from my view. First, not a single
      mention of CO2 as an ELECTRICAL forcing. Which shows you out the bat
      they don't know WTF they are talking about. Second, they argue that
      climate is chaotic, which on another level of complexity shows they
      don't know WTF they are talking about.

      I have mentioned this before that one age old trial tactic is you
      never ask a witness a question you don't know the answer to. Because
      you can from an adversarial vantage turn YOUR witness to the
      opposition's. The witnesses for big oil and coal (which pays for
      Burning Earth) are the crowd of Soon, Baliumas, Christy and so
      forth. And they are witnesses for the environment against the powers
      they whore to. It's quite amazing, and perhaps one of the bigger
      political blunders of this election. Let's see if or how it gets

      The 25 year paper of Christy shows a data set that is skewed by
      hemisphere. Since CO2 as a green house gas would spred evenly across
      the world, it makes no sense that CO2 as a green house gas would
      cause a different warming by hemisphere. However, CO2 as an
      ELECTRICAL forcing should decidely have a different impact by
      hemisphere. Again, the blunder of failure to consider that DC feild
      microphysics of clouds are dependant on CO2 levels.

      The 25 year paper also says that climate is chaotic. It is not. It
      is modulated. HIGHLY tuned. Dampened. By the biosphere on the
      electrical forcings that Christy has failed to consider. Not chaos
      was, chaos is, burn fossil fuels. Not complexity was, we don't get
      it, so we don't know, so we might as well burn fossil fuels, but
      highly modulated by the biosphere then, highly modulated now, sustain
      a living earth that modulates complex, chaotic inputs. The death of
      Gaia would be the death of us--forget warming or cooling. In
      particular, the modulation of extremes of the magnetic feild are
      important toward the survival of all lifeforms on earth.

      In closing, I also have to use the exhibit of the fossil fuel
      interests from Burning Earth to make my environmental case. Burning
      Earth posts, like the late John Daly, stations of the week. The
      station this week is in Nevada:


      What is interesting about this station is that with the construction
      of the Hoover dam in the early thirties the conductivity of the Gulf
      of California was altered. Predictably, there was a spike in
      temperatures during the construction, and cooling since, for lack of
      nutrients flowing down to the Gulf of California to the microbes
      there that would increase conductivity, or in the methanogens and
      hydrates case, cause greater insulation for the large scale low
      frequency EMF that travel up that Gulf. Throw in the fact that the
      Hudson Bay node of the north EMF has decreased fairly substantially
      to go along with the 10 percent decrease in the earth EMF, and there
      you go. It should also be no surprise that part of this cooling is
      the 1,800 year drought the region is suffering from.

      What a shock that that the fascists should use this defect in bio
      electrical feedback loops as an example of no "warming". But sad,
      too, because it's junk science and politically motivated. But it is
      consistant with the Bush administrations policies--based on junk
      science and the industry position.

      Christy is no man of a Christain God in my view. Christ would have
      brought the whip on the money changers that rule Christy's view, long
      ago. The bible is also full of references to stewerdship of the
      earth. This is a special kind of Alabama right wing Christianity,
      that interestingly is a Burning Earth Society. Reminds me of hell.
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