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Enter Gaia

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    http://science- education.nih.gov/nihHTML/ose/snapshots/multimedia/ritn/prions/fold.ht ml PrPC spirals out of its tight helical shape into a more open
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      "PrPC spirals out of its tight helical shape into a more open

      Enter Gaia.

      A deeper question would be why nucleotides act as the code source
      given a global life. IOWs, proteins with their ability to carry
      charges that are both negative and positive makes for proteins to
      have been independantly a modulating code of early cloud nucleation
      dynamics. And sorting could and certainly did, then, occur,
      independantly of nucleotide replication. My unlearned view is that
      there was independant co-existance, then of course a period of
      symbiotic--which eliminated both independants, and then the end of
      direct protein sorting as the dominate encoding partner (IOWs from
      protein to nucleotide to proteins vs from nucleotide to proteins as
      the variable). That is because the nucleotides began to mass produce
      the proteins before the replicating proteins could reproduce

      Which brings me to DNA and RNA--how the lines of the information of
      life is quite blurred--suggesting a meaning other than top down sets
      of relationships between the micro connections of these chemistries.

      The folding behaviors of proteins would have significant cloud
      nucleation meaning, and the fact that proteins would have folding
      relationships between each other independant of the sequence from DNA
      to RNA to protein is no surprise given the Gaia flexibility this may

      Again, the idea is to have luck and then to multiply it when you are
      lucky. This runs quite counter to the idea that a cow or a sheep has
      a closing relationship to a human--and that therefore pathogens like
      a prion would pass by genetic relationship or not, but instead it
      becomes a question of just degree and speed of "replications",
      because the protein characterstics of folding or not--run back to a
      time before there were even cells, much less a common ascestor to
      humans or bovine animales.

      What's that have to do with the protein scum, the foam, on the ocean
      underneath the high winds of a hurricane?

      Some of these ideas on pre cellular global life and large scale low
      frequency EMF cloud modulations by nucleated parasols have resulted
      in absolutely explosive ideas, so fast that I am an idiot at
      recording them even though 100s of years from now no one will know
      that I am still attempting to be Mr. Mom, have a working better half,
      and now starting to do the 60 hour law practice. The ideas come, like
      the one tonight, and I am not trying to think about it. It was just
      after a long day, doing law stuff, and I am coming home no longer
      thinking about sexual harassment and seven middle aged clients abused
      by employer who I had met (no joke) and my mind starts to drift to
      what I WANT to think about, as opposed to have to think about to earn
      a living. I don't have the money or the time to do anything about
      it. I need someone with money and credentials and pull to publish. I
      WAS just trying to better someone in an argument. In 2000 I recall
      staring at cloud sat loops, SST anomalies, over and over, for HOURS,
      looking for patterns--to win that arguement. A crazy thing, but I
      hate losing. Once you saw the coupling was EMF based--it was all
      about refinement, and many of those refinements are . . . startling
      mysteries solved in different fields of science. Some readers would
      having me coming of as a master at the delicate blending of junk
      science with New Age wackism but I am really rather one more like
      Asomov, distrustful of mysticism and poorly stating a quantum leap
      born out of the first glimpses of a living earth.
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