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Coral reefs

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  • Mike Doran
    I believe that the ETA for coral reef ecosystem collapse is about 10 - 12 years away. The reefs also lie at the bottom of our food chain; without them ocean
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2003
      "I believe that the ETA for coral reef ecosystem collapse is about
      10 -
      12 years away. The reefs also lie at the bottom of our food chain;
      without them ocean life cannot continue and, consequently, life on
      earth. While research scientists understand that the planet's
      are inter-related, they unfortunately do not yet understand exactly
      they work together. It does appear that coral reefs and rainforests
      somehow cooperate to produce ocean currents which, in turn, affect the
      atmosphere. "

      Gaia is a fundimentally ELECTO MECHANICAL forcing which depends on
      cirrus clouds and their ability to trap heat. Cirrus can trap heat
      or let it escape out into space that results in a couple of hundred
      watts per meter difference in energies that would reach a convective
      cloud below--and cirrus reside between ionosphere and cloud top where
      charge separations occur. Fair weather is about 250 volts per meter
      to ground, whereas in convective regions strong negative gradiants
      move to ground. The patterns form the global electrical circuit, and
      maintain a relatively positive charge cummulation in the ionsphere by
      the separation of charges from convection, and that process is
      ultimately powered by radiation from the sun. It is this pattern
      that the biosphere evolved to modulate, first by nucleotides sorted
      in the cirrus, by charge, shape and mass, and then with more complex
      pre cellular self relicating nucleotide based chemical areas, and
      then finally with cells.


      Taste buds are single cells that are able to sense 5 different
      chemical realities. This appears to be a basic very old evolutionary
      Gaia reaction. My view is that early climate feedbacks in the marine
      layer would have reacted to sulfur from volcanic activity washed or
      rained into the oceans, high sugar levels from healthy conditions,
      salinity levels, pH levels, and protein levels. These form the basic
      tastes, and it is no surprise more complex creatures would contain
      taste buds with a like chemical set of sensitivies.

      As it turns out, these kinds of basic chemistries directly, and
      indirectly through levels of cellular activity, would have huge
      impacts on the conductivities of a large scale area based on
      cummulations of cells in that area. This then becomes the foundation
      of gaia modulations of climate.

      Hold out your hands. Now look at the cracks between your fingers.
      Those cracks develop in the fetus by a process called programmed cell
      death. It's not really death, but more that the cell gets a message
      to stop growing and dividing, whereas the cells that are the fingers
      get a different message.

      Basic taste comes from the same cell--with five different sets of
      chemicals they sense and send messages about. What I am saying about
      the biosphere is that varying conditions in the environment caused
      the cells to give different chemical messages off, and varied the way
      that they would grow and divide, or do things like that. Early life
      communicated with each other, by chemicals, DNA and so forth.
      Sweetness, for instance, would probably be a message to grow and
      divide. I have and advantage in that I know the answer, it is just
      the question I seek pertaining to early life.

      Bear in mind, for instance, that a volcanic eruption with large
      amounts of SOx emissions would phase change depress cirrus, and yet
      the SOx washes out of the air after a few years. A body of water
      could evaporate and become saline. All of these changes to the
      chemistry of a microbes surroundings--that they could "taste", would
      mean different things respecting the basic climate and environment
      inputs felt by these microbes. By feeding back cummulations of their
      activity on the ecology, they would vary conductivities and hence
      large scale electrical patterns--and therefore modulate climate,
      modulate their surrounding chemistry and temperature toward living

      How is this important? I am on other bbs where we are discussing
      widescale death of the coral reefs within the next decade. We are
      already in the midst of an extinction event, and the key forcing
      involved here is CO2 impacting the CONDUTIVITY of the oceans, via gas
      exchange. The corals are one of the largest sinks of CO2, converting
      CO2 gas to calcium carbinate.
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