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New ENSO research on volcanoes (Nature)--solar Gaia tie in

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  • Mike Doran
    Climate experts from the University of Virginia announced findings that inidcate volcanoes are the prime cause of El Nino. Lead researcher Brad Adams looked at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2003
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      Climate experts from the University of Virginia announced findings
      that inidcate volcanoes are the prime cause of El Nino.

      Lead researcher Brad Adams looked at tree rings, dust preserved in
      polar ice cores and coral growth, then compared them with the dates
      of major known eruptions since 1649. His team discovered significant
      El Nino like occurances just after large volcanic eruptions in the
      tropics. Their findings, published in Nature, say that a major
      eruption doubles the chance that an El Nino will occur the following
      winter due to the billions f otons of fine volcanic ash that linger
      in the upper atmospher, reflecting back heat.

      Unfortunately, while the correlative findings are certainly correct
      and predictable, their conclusion is more bad science that ignores
      the electrical and biological forcings at play in cloud dynamics.

      Electrical. Volcanoes release huge amounts of SOx emissions. That is
      a chemical that reduces the phase change temperature of cirrus. Why
      is that important? What are cirrus? Cirrus are tiny ice crystals in
      the air typically above strong convection areas, where rising clouds
      freeze. They are important in cloud dynamics because huge amounts of
      heat are trapped underneath them. The differences between cirrus
      present or not can mean a difference up to 250 watts per meter
      squared over what heat is lost to space or absorbed below.

      Turns out that these clouds--and the heat that is trapped underneath
      them, is modulated electrically and biologically. SOx emissions are a
      chaotic input that the biosphere modulates, but interestingly, the
      emissions directly impact the heat trapping, initially, by COOLING
      things. These coolings have been well observed directly from the Mt.
      Pinatubo eruption by sats. Dogma suggests that the cooling is largely
      particle related--the albedo from the dust. This is wrong. What
      really occurs is that with the cirrus phase change temperature
      dropping, just like salt on your driveway in the winter, ice won't
      form. Heat isn't then, trapped as well. Fair weather begins to
      dominate globally and a short term cooling commences because heat
      generally escapes more out into space.

      That cooling ends for two reasons. First, it ends because the cooling
      counter intuitively causes warming. That is because electrically, the
      isobars of the earth close near its geographical poles, and it is
      there that cloud behaviors might be organized by the weak signals of
      solar electrical particles. However, if there is convection from heat
      near the magnetic poles, the electrical activity from the convection
      is more powerful than the signal from the sun, and hence cloud
      behaviors become more chaotic and won't trap heat in a more patterned
      and effective manner. It's a signal noise issue, much like you might
      with your cell phone if you move farther away from a signal sender
      yet get a better reception if near you is a telephone pole giving you
      static. When the waters near the poles cool, they are less
      conductive, less able to bring nearby convection, and cloud patterns
      emerge from the solar electrical inputs, even at the low currents
      they arrive with.

      Biological. Volcanoes eventually wash their particles into the oceans
      and cause sulfur loving algae to respond. In the West tropical
      Pacific, that means inceases in conductivity where normally the area
      is biologically depleted. It also means less of other kinds of
      microbial activity seen relative to upwelling in the tropical E. Pac
      associated with La Nina, because these microbes associated with
      sulfur consumption in their metabolism will uptake nutrients in
      patterns that cause reductions in their populations, especially as
      currents reverse and upwellings end their required chemistries. In
      short, the electrical patterns change, biologically, and effect how
      cirrus behave and trap heat.


      Saw the recent to video Tomb Raider today.

      Near the end of the movie there was an interesting line about
      abiogenesis. That life formed between the madness of earth and sky.

      This is actually TRUE from a Gaia standpoint, because the nucleotide
      cirrus modulations are in conjuction with the modulations in the
      marine biosphere, one occurring on a fairly small scale with charge
      and mass on cirruc cloud heat trapping, and then below, larger
      cummulations of microbial cellular activity impacting conductivities
      on the surface that would actually feed back rain and heat in living
      patterns in relation to the nucleotides in the cirrus.

      Now, what I find interesting about this initial living earth
      modulation of chaotic climate inputs is how later as complex humans
      have evolved, we too retain the basic ability, through our DNA, to
      electro chemically pattern, feedback and respond, to the point we
      have a sort of self awareness. This leads, of course, into some of
      the things that, say, Joejohn MacFadden was discussing in his book
      about consciousness as an EMF phenomenon--but with the atmosphere
      with ionsphere and cloud like anode and cathode where particles are
      sorted and feedback meaning substituted for nerves which too have
      this character of field potentials and movements of charged particles
      of nucleotides. The complexity is infinate and the evolution of
      probably 4 billion years behind us, we have come to the point of what
      it is we come from.

      The only humans count thinking is flawed in the sense that life
      itself is a response, over billions of years, to a GLOBAL
      relationship between chaotic inputs and the biosphere as a whole, and
      not to each creature individually.

      Our self awareness CAN be a curse that way--but it has landed us on
      the moon as well. Interestingly, there may be nuke energy solutions
      on the moon!
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