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New York Times articles and comments

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  • Mike Doran
    Two interesting articles from the New York Times: As Earth Warms, the Hottest Issue Is Energy, The New York Times, 11/4/03 If global warming occurs as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
      Two interesting articles from the New York Times:

      As Earth Warms, the Hottest Issue Is Energy, The New York Times,

      "If global warming occurs as predicted, there will be no easy way to
      turn the Earth's thermostat back down. The best that most scientists
      would hope for would be to slow and then halt the warming, and that
      would require a top-to-bottom revamping of the world's energy
      systems, shifting from fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas to
      alternatives that in large part do not yet exist.

      "We have to face the fact this is an enormous challenge," said Dr.
      Martin I. Hoffert, a professor of physics at New York University.

      But interviews with scientists, environment advocates and industry
      representatives show that there is no consensus in how to meet that
      challenge. Some look to the traditional renewable energy sources:
      solar and wind. Others believe use of fossil fuels will continue, but
      that the carbon dioxide can be captured and then stored underground.
      The nuclear power industry hopes concern over global warming may help
      spur a revival.

      In an article in the journal Science last November, Dr. Hoffert and
      17 other experts looked at alternatives to fossil fuels and found all
      to have "severe deficiencies in their ability to stabilize global

      The scientists believe that technological fixes are possible. Dr.
      Hoffert said the country needed to embark on an energy research
      program on the scale of the Manhattan Project that built the atomic
      bomb during World War II or the Apollo program that put men on the

      "Maybe six or seven of them operating simultaneously," he said. "We
      should be prepared to invest several hundred billion dollars in the
      next 10 to 15 years."

      But to even have a hope of finding a solution, the effort must begin
      now, the scientists said. A new technology usually takes several
      decades to develop the underlying science, build pilot projects and
      then begin commercial deployment."

      Deep in the Amazon Forest, Vast Questions About Global Climate
      Change, The New York Times, 11/4/03

      "Scientists at the National Institute for Amazon Research in Manaus
      estimate that carbon emissions in Brazil may have risen by as much as
      50 percent since 1990. By their calculations, what is euphemistically
      called "land use changes" now produce annual emissions of 400 million
      tons of greenhouse gases, dwarfing the 90 million tons generated
      annually by fossil fuel use in Brazil and making this country one of
      the 10 leading emitters of greenhouse gases in the world."



      The failure to understand the electrical and biological nature of
      living climate feedbacks results in the second article perpetuating
      ignorance. More straw for flying.

      The problem with the article is that the deforestation issue ASSUMES
      INCORRECTLY that what matters is only what sequestration that the
      would have occurred but for the sequestration, and ASSUMES
      incorrectly that CO2 as a GHG is what couples to cloud behaviors.
      But there has been no SCIENTIFIC link, direct causal link between
      cloud behavior and CO2 levels. Meanwhile, and this is one I give to
      Christy, even though he is a chaos idiot RWN of extreme views, is
      that the cloud forcing is MUCH more powerful than the CO2
      differential forcing--over 100 times more powerful. By failing to
      consider CO2 as an ELECTRICAL issue that impacts clouds, but directly
      as far as gas exchanges and conductivities, and by biological
      activity, and containment of chemstries and increases, therefore, of
      conductivities once that material washes to the marine biosphere,
      that the false assumption is shown for what it is.
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