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Einstein's mystery/fires in Rancho

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  • Mike Doran
    Interesing link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/print/0,3858,4781425-103680,00.html ++++++++++ Paraphrasing Dave: Earth s magnetic field swap ends occasionally,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26 8:42 AM
      Interesing link:



      Paraphrasing Dave:

      "Earth's magnetic field swap ends occasionally, but it only happens
      every few hundred thousand years compared to the sun's clock like 11
      year flip. Einstein said that how the Earth's magnetic field is
      generated is one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics.
      Einstein presumed that it has something to do with motion of liquid
      iron in the Earth's outer core, but beyond that, not much else has
      been postulated. The occasional polarity shifts are equally

      If only a biological and cloud behavior approach had been taken.

      Meanwhile, the earth's emf has shrunk 8% over the past 100 years,
      prompting specialists like Thomas Barnes to conclude that the earth
      was created by God 7,000 years ago . . . nice contribution from the
      religous right.

      Recent news of Arctic


      and Midwest


      recent warming is consistant w/ the the reduction of the earth EMF
      over Hudson Bay.



      Recall that discussion of the heat wave in France and the picture of
      the meandering jet stream and the algae patch and HP area associated
      with it? The connection is all there.





      See figure three and notice how course of jet and HP area is right
      where algae patch is. Meandering jet is going to have significant
      INDUCTION meaning and hence what the total electrical symmetry is,
      what the impedence is relative to the "result" of an earth EMF. In
      short, the earth EMF is BIO/Electrical, Einstein. It's not a physics
      problem, really, and is more about electrical patterns, like
      electronics, and biological modulation of these patterns.


      Indeed, the volcanic eruption over Yellowstone about 750,000 years
      ago BP was catastrophic.

      Two interesting aspects of that eruption include the last shift in
      the earth EMF and a bottleneck in human mitochondrial DNA indicating
      an extinction event for HUMANS. Perhaps humans discovered America
      long ago.


      Fires in California consistant w/ 1,400 year SW drought--and the
      horrible biological conditions created in the GOC by CAP. Rancho
      Cucamonga, where I lived for 3 years, would get monsoons from
      GOC . . . but electrically, that has been done in by human activity
      on the Colorado and poor conductivities that result for lack of
      biological activity.


      W/ solar electrical event strike in GOM east and central coastal
      states was very intense, reaching 17,000 strikes at one point, pretty
      good for nearly November. Meanwhile, slow development in Carribean
      appears to be now starting. Soon that area will be drawing in the
      particles from the fires in the SW . . .
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