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Still more implausable complexity

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  • Mike Doran
    Daniel Clery and David Brandly wrote in Underhanded Breakthrough Revealed, Science Vol 265, 1 July 1994, p. 21 about the nucleotide handedness problem for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2003
      Daniel Clery and David Brandly wrote in "Underhanded 'Breakthrough
      Revealed," Science Vol 265, 1 July 1994, p. 21 about the nucleotide
      handedness problem for macro evolutionary theorists. The Miller
      experiments on nucleotide formation from crude chemical electrical
      reactions produce an equal amount of L-amino acids to R-amino acids,
      and then when any even mixture of the two handed nucleotides are put
      together to try to reproduce what is seen today in living structures--
      the reactions are inhibited. It is for this reason many researchers
      have attempted to find plausible natural conditions under which the
      left handed nucleotides accumulate over the right handed ones. Since
      no process until Gaia, as I explain it, has come around, intelligent
      design creationists have used this problem to support their notion
      that life was created, not evolved. Against this background, in 1994
      in Germany, a doctoral canditate, Guido Sadel, claimed he had solved
      the problem. Publishing a strong magnetic field will bias a reacton
      toward either the left-handed or right handed form. He was then
      granted his Ph.D. This then caused 20 independant groups to attempt
      to duplicate his results--and they could not. Later Sadel admitted
      he dishonestly manipulated his data!
      See also http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs/3991.asp and

      Enter Gaia.

      Now the problem is MUCH different, because the cirrus clouds move and
      feedback living convection, rain, chemistry, light conditions and
      electrical fields on the nucleotides. Conditions are cold and dry
      enough for the RNA to form. Conditions are also proper for the
      nucleotides to be sorted or destroyed by light energy, literally one
      at a time, just like banding on an electrophoresis strip. This
      further allows sorting by additional complexity of combinations or
      chains of molecules. Larger molecules and chains will have more
      charge potential and hence can be uniformly distributed in cirrus
      cloud bands between the cloud tops and the ionosphere.

      That sorting will cause mechanical, ambiant winds and a pattern of
      redistribution of the nucleotides to be deposited back down on the
      ground, sorted by their types. Where deposited, those molecules
      which cannot reproduce themselves as well will not, and those that
      can, will, and the process repeats itself with the next ambiant wind
      that rises the nucleotides from the ground and brings them to the
      electro-mechanical cirrus cloud dynamic. Since fair weather and
      cloud cover differ in the manner by which intense nucleotide
      destroying light can reach the nucleotides, as the ice crystals
      cirrus fall to the ground and melt and become vulnerable to
      destruction, under the cloud cover, the rates of light caused
      destruction will be tied into the cirrus's electrical behavior as
      well. There is also an electrical feedback, as well. That is, the
      dielectric of water is 80 times greater than with air, such that
      cirrus distribution patterns would have impacted not just fair
      weather positive to ground and convective weather negative to ground
      balances, but the degree of capactive coupling that existed. IOWs,
      not just the direct currents involved but the alternating ones as
      well would have been modulated by existance or not of varying levels
      of nucleotides structures in the cirrus.

      So handedness isn't a product just of a straight forward favored
      chemical energy potential but rather is a product of sorting by
      charge potential and then after sorting differences in efficiencies
      in replication will amplify the handedness. It is a much different
      approach to the problem than the pure chemistry approach, and,
      really, points to a similar weakness in approach to the climate
      change problem, by those who think that climate is a chaotic dynamic
      without consideration of the electrical and biological implications
      of increases in CO2 from fossil fuels.

      Interestingly, there are no large deposites of nucleotides on earth,
      like, for instance, there are coal fields. This also points to a
      process that selected and used the compounds for the production of
      the nucleotides, and those produced that were not part of a living
      earth soon found radiation, temperature or chemistry hostile to
      further replication or even to be laid to cummulated waste. Indeed,
      later evolved processes that resulted, for instance, in the immune
      system showed that gaia would have closely regulated any
      configuration of feedbacks--that the selective climatological
      implications and pressures put back on the pre cellular living
      chemestries caused early forms of life to adapt how they interacted
      with one another, either on large scale or small.
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