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More on impausable complexity and a living earth

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  • Mike Doran
    The IDers argue about implausable macro evolution because of the complexity of proteins, even the folding of the proteins, as unlikely chance occurances. Of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2003
      The IDers argue about implausable macro evolution because of the
      complexity of proteins, even the folding of the proteins, as unlikely
      chance occurances. Of course, they assume that cellular life came
      together like a printing press blowing up and a fully unabridged
      dictionary arising from the chaos. Sorry. Didn't happen that way.

      Gaia explains this well.

      If you look at electrophoresis and the early pre cellular RNA Gaia
      cloud dynamic, it all makes complete sense. As it turns out, RNA
      carries a negative ion charge. As charges separate out in a cloud,
      the cloud top becomes very positively charged, and then attracts
      electrons down from the ionosphere, first attracting them by
      capacitance and then taking them by shorting. The ionosphere then, as
      a whole, becomes relatively positively charged. Enter the RNA, with
      the negative charge. Inside cirrus, they are attracted to the
      ionosphere, and bring infra red retaining cloud dynamics and
      convection feedbacks, rain, to where they exist.

      Proteins, able to carry charges both ways, positively and negatively,
      were more flexible at modulating the ongoing electrical dyanmic on
      early earth. Remember that cosmic ray flux and solar ion particle
      output variability provided a changing electrical dynamic, and having
      the ability to adapt both ways was such powerful Gaia advantage.

      Remember, this is not chance--the die was WEIGHTED.


      The HUGE evolutionary advance of cellular life ended the main
      advantage of the cirrus and necleotide/protein electrophoresis like
      stability, bands of cirrus like bands on a jell strip, bringing
      exactly the chemistry, EMF and temperatures to bring on the
      production of nucleotides. A living earth with infra red heat
      trapped, containing life where the feedbacks occurred, and adjustable
      to region and chaotic input--working in time and space.

      But along came the cell. What an interesting thing, not only the
      source of sexual complexity with the maleness going to the smaller
      cirrus born nucleotides and the femaleness to the ocean
      conductivities. Once chemistry could be contained, no need for
      the "perfect" conditions to be created from above, and moreover, the
      conductivities from below could make sure that eventually the correct
      chemistry arrived. But, of course, to match the best of both worlds
      sexual complexity arose to control or modulate conductivities from
      marine world AND the cirrus, female and male input respectfully.

      Immune Systems: ID v. Gaia

      ID creationists bring the same tired implausability arguement to the
      immune systems. They ask how could immune systems of animals and
      plants have evolved? Each immune system can recognized invading
      bacteria, viruses and toxins. Each system can quickly mobilize just
      the right type of defenders to search out and destroy these invaders.
      Each system has a memory and learns from every attack.

      If the many instructions that direct an animal's or plant's immune
      system were not already programmed into the organism's genetic system
      when it first appeared on the earth, the first of thousands of
      potential infections would have destroyed the organism. This would
      have nullified any rare genetic improvements that might have
      accumulated. In other words, the large amount of genetic information
      governing the immune system could not have accumulated in a slow,
      evolutionary sense. IDers then go on to argue that this inforamtion
      must have been there from the start, and that, therefore, this
      occurred by Godly creation.

      Gaia tells us about a climate based pre cellular complexity that
      would have evolved WAY before there were cells, and in particular,
      the roots of sexual complexity would had an aspect to differentiate
      between self and non-self. That, in my view, was the start of the
      immune system . . .

      The basic immune system problem is what PURPOSE would a creature have
      to regulate NON SELF before it became a self contained cell?

      Pre cellular Gaia provides that purpose.

      That is, if a particular electrical state (configuration of
      nucleotides and proteins) dictated by a "self" gave back living
      feedbacks to a region as a part of a dynamic, sometimes symbiotic
      state, not only would it be a good idea to have that material be
      replicated but also incorrect electrical states should be destroyed.
      Further, the communication, once cellular, between genetic material
      that regulated the cirrus and that which impacted surface
      conductivities must match and find itself from HUGE distances carried
      by wind and rain, and yet recognize friend or foe sorting through the
      threats. Without understanding the Gaia meaning of early life, you
      cannot understand the immune systems' basic workings and context.
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