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A Rush like foot in the mouth

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  • Mike Doran
    At the risk of making a Rush like foot in mouth slam against Christians, there are two main science discussions that the typical Christian struggles with--a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
      At the risk of making a Rush like foot in mouth slam against
      Christians, there are two main "science" discussions that the typical
      Christian struggles with--a creation evolution discussion and a
      global warming discussion. This is interesting to me in the ethical
      silence on ecology today that follows the right wing power in our
      culture today. The Christain right and the fascists coalition is just
      too scary even to the scientific leaning posters on a bb like this.

      I am going to switch apolitically and areligiously gears here from
      what some of you are used to from me on the electro cirrus climate
      forcings, and make a number of biological/Gaia related analytical
      comments that tie ecology actually to both missing subjects, and show
      why there is a lot of strawmen beat up when many don't understand
      what ties these discussions together. I intend to list a huge number
      of examples and invite discussion. You may quickly see where I am
      going with this, if it isn't clear already.


      A number of creationists will argue that there are many examples of
      lacking macroevolution which proves a common designer. From there,
      it's God is the designer, bible thumping, Humvee humping and Arnold
      for Governor. The logic is more or less rationalization of inane
      behavior, and like any good set of lies has some basis in science and
      truth. Certainly it has worked to the point that there are true
      believers, even a majority of them.

      So here paragraph for the night. Many single-celled forms of life
      exist, of course, but there are no forms of life TODAY with 2, 3, 4
      or 5 cells. Even the forms of life with 6-20 cells are parasites. The
      must have a complex animal as a host to provide such functions as
      digestion and respiration. What the creationists argue is that if
      macroevolution happened, single celled creatures would have
      transitional forms of life to the more complex with 2-20 cells.

      Enter Gaia into all of this. Should single-celled creatures evolve
      with complexity, they evolve AWAY from the conductivity changing role
      a living earth requires. Therefore, there are selective pressures on
      the microbial level against forms of life that would interfer with
      the direct chemical and conductive processes of the microbrial food
      chain. More complex life tends to be able to MOVE or exist less
      passively, and that would be a problem for a required, mechanical
      feedback that regulates climate, temparature, and chemisty of a
      living earth.
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