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Pin holes for pin heads

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  • Mike Doran
    Why is a pin hole eye of a hurricane inside the most powerful? Shouldn t an eye be larger if the storm is larger? The answer is electrical. Much like a strike
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2003
      Why is a pin hole eye of a hurricane inside the most powerful?

      Shouldn't an eye be larger if the storm is larger?

      The answer is electrical. Much like a strike is merely the width of
      your fist and contain huge voltages and currents, and fair weather
      voltages cover areas the size of countries and have low currents and
      merely 250 volts per meter positive--balancing the global circuit,
      small eyes in hurricanes may still contain huge negative voltages
      over them in the ionosphere, with a capacitive coupling to the ocean.
      What occurs is that the dielectric of water is about 80 times that of
      air, and so the cloudless eye can well translate an alternating
      current but cannot pass a direct one. This causes, surrounding the
      cloud disk in the ionosphere, a positive field, and below, in the
      ocean, a negative charge cummulation, and a decreased ability for
      alternating currents to pass to a point where a strike to ground
      would occur inside the storm. The result is an electrical
      organization that causes cloud behaviors that trap heat. Below the
      eye in the ocean the opposite charge to the negative in the ionsphere
      is positive cummulations, and then surrounding that area,
      electrically, it becomes relatively negative. This prevents strikes
      to ground, becomes similar charges repel. Interestingly, Bates et al
      in Nature observed pp of CO2 levels that proves pretty much that like
      a battery, the electrical changes discharge the oceans and change its
      chemistry. The same storm studied by Bates et al, Felix, was studied
      by NASA where the huge negative ion cummulations in the ionosphere
      were indeed observed.

      CO2 works directly with this balance, in that as the wind sweeps
      across the oceans it causes gas to carbonic acid exchanges, frees
      electrons, and impacts conductivities. Hurricanes, for instance, fail
      to organize and power themselves once ashore, simply because the
      capacitive coupling can no longer exist. Cloud nucliation and cirrus
      behaviors then alter the heat dynamics.

      It is this sort of electrical dynamic that the biosphere modulates,
      and has modulated, for billions of years, merely through the fact
      that life contains conductive chemistries. There is your coupling, my
      friends--it is all electrical and biological.

      Heat wave in Europe and sat pictures of marine algae conditions




      For those who have eyes to see bio electrical modulation of
      weather/climate. And a contrail link:


      If shaking your beer alters conductivity--imagine what a ship prop

      Is it the particles in the air or how EMF moves in the ocean below?

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