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More bio and electrical "propaganda"

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  • Mike Doran
    http://xtide.ldeo.columbia.edu/~visbeck/nao/poster/Schmidt.pdf Modulation of ENSO Impacts in Florida by NAO
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2003

      Modulation of ENSO Impacts in Florida by NAO


      Table of values


      "Strong positive phases of the NAO tend to be associated with above-
      normal temperatures in the eastern United States and across northern
      Europe and below-normal temperatures in Greenland and oftentimes
      across southern Europe and the Middle East. They are also associated
      with above-normal precipitation over northern Europe and Scandinavia
      and below-normal precipitation over southern and central Europe.
      Opposite patterns of temperature and precipitation anomalies are
      typically observed during strong negative phases of the NAO. During
      particularly prolonged periods dominated by one particular phase of
      the NAO, abnormal height and temperature patterns are also often seen
      extending well into central Russia and north-central Siberia.

      . . .

      An abrupt transition to recurring positive phases of the NAO then
      occurred during the 1979/80 winter, with the atmosphere remaining
      locked into this mode through the 1994/95 winter season. During this
      15-year interval, a substantial negative phase of the pattern
      appeared only twice, in the winters of 1984/85 and 1985/ 86. However,
      November 1995 - February 1996 (NDJF 95/96) was characterized by a
      return to the strong negative phase of the NAO. Halpert and Bell
      (1997; their section 3.3) recently documented the conditions
      accompanying this transition to the negative phase of the NAO. The
      1996/97 winter season has exhibited a more variable nature to the
      NAO, with negative phases of the pattern occurring in December 1996
      and January 1997, and positive phases occurring in February and March



      "More than 15 years after dead whales washed ashore at Cape Cod,
      history may be repeating itself.

      Scientists investigating a cluster of whale carcasses in the Gulf of
      Maine say a near-invisible, toxic algae blamed for at least 14 whale
      deaths in 1987 may have struck again.

      Blubber, skin, waste products and stomach fluid collected this week
      from six dead whales floating hundreds of miles off the Maine coast
      will help determine whether the culprit is an algal bloom, often
      called red tide because of its appearance when heavily concentrated."


      My view in looking at the NAO data is we had a similar reversal
      recently as in that which occurred from 1984 then to winter 1986/7
      from negative to positive NAO. The drought in the NE ended. The top
      like shows a (there words) "Modulation of ENSO impacts in Florida by
      the NAO". This to me gets to how powerful not how NAO/ENSO is to
      algae populations, but the reverse--that NAO/ENSO IS biological,
      microbial in its behaviors (algae and surface conductivities is one
      aspect of it, w/ hydrates as electrically insulative and microbial
      dynamics sub-surface in the oceans important to the behaviors of
      large scale low freq ion movements that help define cirrus cloud and
      cloud nucliation processes. These processes, of course, feed back
      infra red retention values in impact on the convection and heat
      trapped under these clouds.

      The Gaia logic is this--the whale deaths are an important, probably
      very long term biological pattern consistant with a living earth.
      That is, if whales consume the algae, their ability to contain
      chemistries over diffusion on the surface, and hence increase surface
      conductivity, or decrease impedance values, is reduced. Therefore, a
      complexity like toxicity was allowed to evolve and the whales were
      not allowed to evolve a defense against it. That is, the selective
      pressures would be such that if a whale DID have immunity to the
      toxicity, it would consume the algae and prevent the biological
      feedback to climate to occur, thereby causing more chaotic
      temperature and chemical modulations to the region, and eventually
      threatening the creatures that disrupted the modulation. The
      toxicity without defense is universal and across the complex life
      spectrum because the selective pressures have occurred over huge


      Modernly, ENSO was defined by a panel of experts in Japan. This
      defition looks a temperature profiles on the surface and winds and
      BPs. Sadly, it doesn't look at fishing conditions off the coast of
      Peru--the fishermen who named the occurance had a better idea, old
      and without the technology, because they had the biology more in



      One in Ten Tree Species at Risk of Extinction

      Tue Aug 5, 9:17 AM ET

      ENS Correspondents, Environment News Service (ENS)

      CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, August 4, 2003 -- More than 8,000 tree
      species, 10 percent of the world's total, are threatened with
      extinction, and the situation has grown worse over the past five
      years, according to a new report sponsored by the UK Department for
      Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

      "Towards a Global Tree Conservation Atlas," published this week,
      shows that 976 tree species are in a critical situation, and very few
      of these endangered trees are being conserved in the wild. The report
      highlights the plight of five "flagship" species that the Global
      Trees Campaign is working to save.



      Because climate is biological, you cannot separate this issue over
      extinction and biodiversity from climate change. (Unless you are
      either ignorant or a fascist with a ignorant agenda.)

      Dumb Bunkers sure is missing the bio electric part of the problem.


      The Dumb Bunker critical comments here have caused someone to email

      -----Original Message----- From: "John Hurabiell"
      <lotusman@...> To: <mike@...> Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003
      23:41:26 -0700 Subject: COMMENTARY RE DEBUNKERS

      Personally I think you're full of [curse word]. I'd like to see your
      scientific proof for global warming, not just liberal trash. I'm
      talking hard evidence not opinions based upon disparate vignettes.
      I'll apologize for the profanity directed at you because that is
      rude. I'd like an apology from you because I'm a proud right-winger
      and you're opinions are not only wrong but offensive.


      So proud that they won't allow critical comments on their own
      discussion bb and won't debate the real substance of the subject.



      Link above--false skeptics like Singer and Lindzen all lack biology
      and electrical dynamic backgrounds.

      They claim to be "experts" and they don't understand the key forcings

      Blind with an agenda--the most dangerous form of ignorance, like the
      kind that causes genocidal fascism!
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