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More dumb bunkers

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  • Mike Doran
    http://www.debunkers.org/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000682.html At this link the resident right wing fascists are urging false science that there is no climate change and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2003

      At this link the resident right wing fascists are urging false
      science that there is no climate change and there is a visiting
      global warmer pushing physical science of CO2 as a green house gas
      and in this instance that seas are rising around an island in the
      Southern Pacific--when indeed the mechanism is electrical and
      biological. None of straw man constructed there at that thread are
      made by scientists of biological or electrical background--typical
      of the whole freaking debate:


      That said, what is interesting to me about this above exchange at
      dumb bunkers, typical of the straw throwing and beating, is that
      there is a debate on the statistics and the observations respecting
      rising oceans but no discussion why and what the kind of DYNAMICAL
      behaviors MEAN. You see, looking at gaia gives us more of an answer
      of the why and the meaning, because global warming (or not) is a
      poor way of looking at the behaviors of a biological system. Indeed,
      the "error bars" yet warming on average--a back and forth around a
      value is much more of a BIOLOGICAL looking statistical display.
      Think, for instance, of a temperature profile of you when you have a
      cold and fever. Chills and fever, up and down, but on average,
      modulated, controlled, yet rising. Such are the behaviors observed.

      Today we had a pretty good rainstorm here in Redding California.
      This was following a 120 degree day that put us the warmest . . . in
      the world. But what I found interesting was this morning looking at
      this site:


      This morning and seeing the strikes over San Francisco, and knowing
      how good the microbial biosphere was. Good conductivities and rain--
      they follow, like heat is to sweating and cold to shivering. It's
      biological and electrical. And then, of course, there was a good
      solar event that Dave reported that followed our heat wave:


      and that gave a very good signal noise picture from the north EMF.
      You see, heat waves eventually bring fair weather positive to ground
      voltages and also eventually end electrical activity in a pattern
      that would overcome what the north EMF could organize from a signal
      from space. Hence clouds organize around the north EMF, and that
      they did this morning, if you looked at the strike data as fractal
      evidence of that wave which is amplified from the north EMF, by the
      convective activities that amplify the signal, but don't overcome it
      and distort it.

      Signal noise brings me back to the living earth. You see, just like
      you must tune your radio to get a signal, chaotic inputs by
      themselves should lead to chaotic outputs. It is only in the
      modulation of life that a signal becomes a signal--because
      essentially the low currents from the sun are nothing more than
      random input generation of thermal and electrical energies--by
      changing resistance/impedances does the microbrial biosphere cause
      earth to not be an ice block like Mars or a gas ball like Venus. It
      is not a chance of inbetweens. This is as true as Carl Sagan's
      mystery of an ever lumenous sun, kind of like me moving from the
      north to California--I just sweat more but my temperature remains
      98.78 degrees F. The probability of my body staying 98.7 degrees F.
      by chance is infinate, and points directly toward biological
      modulation of my temperature that overcomes the California heat.
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