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C storm forecast

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  • Mike Doran
    http://weather.unisys.com/hurricane/atlantic/2003/ Traditional forecast track and radar thus far.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2003

      Traditional forecast track and radar thus far.


      Dust/smoke particles from Arizona.


      From low values solar wind now becoming elevated as David here has


      4-Jul-2003 1013.80 1012.95 -0.60 -10.70 -6.85
      5-Jul-2003 1013.94 1013.25 -1.60 -10.20 -6.60
      6-Jul-2003 1016.11 1013.70 9.00 -9.32 -6.25
      7-Jul-2003 1016.53 1013.70 11.50 -8.44 -5.93
      8-Jul-2003 1015.96 1014.45 3.40 -7.95 -5.81
      9-Jul-2003 1016.00 1013.45 9.80 -7.06 -5.53
      10-Jul-2003 1015.39 1013.30 7.00 -6.26 -5.17
      11-Jul-2003 1014.38 1012.85 3.50 -5.37 -4.91

      SOI positive moving neg--sign of tropical reversal EMF burst.


      Gulf Stream lit up. Methane hydrate fields, biosphere off Carolina
      coasts particularly gaia healthy and very electrified and struck.
      Eastern Oklahoma well struck, just north of position of surface low.
      No strikes near storm surface low, indicating EMF stability.


      In the last frame whether IR or visible or vapor when compared to the
      strike link you can really see the Doran wave extending to the Gulf
      Stream and in particular the VERY gaia healthy and hydrate located
      regions off the coast of the Carolinas. There is a wave EMF to ground
      between that area and NE Florida and then three waves in a line to
      the surface low in the E. GOM.

      It is starting to blow up with the solar conditions and large scale
      low freq ion waves.

      This will continue to blow up and right turn.
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