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What does global fever really mean?

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  • Mike Doran
    The CO2 in the places that have significant electrical meaning, IOWs in the air where it can mix with water to form carbonic acid, or in ocean surfaces that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2003
      The CO2 in the places that have significant
      electrical meaning, IOWs in the air where it can mix with water to
      carbonic acid, or in ocean surfaces that are warm enough to be
      conductive, there is a certain quantity. By removing CO2 in the
      form of fossil fuels, we are increasing the amount in the active
      biosphere. It's a similar problem to CO2 as a green house gas as a
      forcing, BUT in this case it works!

      What is the biosphere? What is life? The question of what is life,
      particularly when you realize DNA is just a chemical—is difficult.
      I define life as an entity that has feedback loops that may lead to
      its replication and future survival. Here is an example. Your hair
      is dead, right? Or is it? You can snip it off without pain. BUT,
      in a furred creature that you shave, it will not survive in cold
      conditions without its fur. When that creature is cold the muscles
      near the hairs contract and cause a more isolative pattern of hairs--
      those "dead" hairs.

      Now, stand back and ask yourself this question--is a glacier alive?
      No, of course not, you say? But what about if the microbial
      biosphere, as a unit, causes snow feedbacks to an elevation so that
      the hydrology throughout the year brings back living chemistry to
      the near shore biosphere. And BTW, under the surface of the oceans
      the biosphere there is as grand as the biosphere on the Terre
      sphere! What nutrients wash into that biosphere from our rivers is
      not trivial to them. And it turns out that with the electrically
      insulating hydrates and the conductive microbes (compared to raw
      chemical diffusion) have a large scale low frequency EMF impact that
      moves clouds to bring on the glaciers. Again, are the glaciers
      alive or dead? Alive, to me. The whole of the earth is alive in
      this way—the earth as a living entity.

      When it is hot, you sweat. Cold--you shiver. The source of the
      heat or cold doesn't matter as long as you are within a range that
      your feedbacks can do something about it. This cold and heat that
      the body experiences externally doesn't mean that it makes sense to
      stop drinking water on a hot day. That would go under this category-
      -stupid. I think many head in the sanders are asking a deeper
      philosophical question about ultimate limits of life. One I have
      heard and understood to some degree involves the contraction of our
      solar system. However, you can say that some day you are going to
      die but does it make sense not to drink water, today, if it is hot
      and you are sweating?

      This is a basic problem of understanding the "math" of a biological
      feedback. That's because your body really could be hotter
      than "average" AND at the same time you are sweating. Or colder
      than average and shivering. Fossil fuel cynics will tell you chaos
      then, chaos now, burn fossil fuels. BUT, what is really going on is
      modulation then, modulation now, don't pee in your IV bag when it
      comes to the earth, a living earth. The big difference in what was
      understood about CO2 before and now w/ EMFs and gaia, as I have been
      defining it, is the IV bag and the toilet where the urine should go
      is more defined by electrical and biological conditions, not by just
      the air, where CO2 merely as a green house gas would operate.

      This makes, for instance, the volcanic activity and the evidence of
      low algae levels of the Eocine epoch interesting, for instance.
      Oceans are stratified by temperature and salinity. As oceans warm
      as in tropical temperatures, the stratification is almost purely
      temperature based. If the oceans warmed to the point that the
      surface was very warm everywhere, there would be a reduction in
      nutrients for microbial activity. Then, the lack of biological
      modulation by the oceans themselves would cause the near shore
      hydrate river dynamic portion of Gaia to become more significant as
      to whether a region got any rain. Understand, warmer oceans would
      be more conductive BUT the SOx from volcanic activity would cause
      the cirrus to phase change reduce--reducing the IR trappings of
      clouds. Hydrates probably unformed, and also would have reduced the
      EMF isolative impact and cloud feedbacks. Then, the system would
      rely largely on just the rivers and the warmer oceans to cause some
      feedbacks. Climate was probably MUCH more chaotic in terms of
      drought and flood events then.

      What are we creating now, with higher CO2? Another Eocine? What
      does global fever really mean?
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