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Flare event, Blanca ends, SOI reversal, gaia poor GOC, and HUGE hail in NB

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  • Mike Doran
    http://www.theomahachannel.com/weather/2287564/detail.html Here is a link to a story about large hail from severe weather in Nebraska. AURORA, Neb. -- The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2003

      Here is a link to a story about large hail from severe weather in

      "AURORA, Neb. -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that at
      least one of the hail stones that fell in Aurora, Neb., Sunday night
      was the largest ever recorded in Nebraska, and one of the largest
      ever recorded in the United States. "

      Now, while the night time ends both the electrical and radiative
      amplified signal from the sun over the US, the sun is still over the
      Pacific Ocean, such that electrical pulses from the tropics remain
      connected and "powered".

      I mention this because:


      A small loop of Blanca and tracking info can be found at this link.
      Two parts are interesting here. First, the SOI reversal and then the
      end of Blanca Sunday night as it dissapated. The SOI reversal
      actually caused the storm itself to back track, IMHO. From a wave
      perspective, think of it this way. Say you have a rope and you whip
      a wave down it to its end. At the end it will flip and send a wave
      back to you. When Blanca ended, that sent a pulse--the absense of
      its point EMF, up the sub tropical jet, to Nebraska.

      Let me clarify


      Blanca blew up w/ a SOI reversal from negative to positive on the
      18th and decreased as the winds became more positive--causing it
      first to back track as it weakened. The severe weather occurred as
      Blanca dissapated (read, a powerful point EMF became unpatterned) and
      the SOI went back in a negative direction. What I am saying is all of
      these wind movements have explicit electrical meaning.

      And as David here reports the solar wind conditions on his last
      report -- solar winds were elevated w/ the Nebraska severe weather.

      The SOI:


      What is important to see, as the SOI hands just negative, is that the
      SOI reverse from going positive to going negative. I have discussed
      before what that means electrically to the subtropical jet in terms
      of back EMF and conductivities momentarily increased from a stirring
      of the waters cause by a wind shift--the stirring of the oceans frees
      electrons as chemicals like CO2 go from dissolved to gassious
      states . . .

      Note the reversal on Sunday:

      Date Tahiti Darwin Daily** 30 day 90 day

      16-Jun-2003 1013.78 1013.00 -3.60 -15.29 -7.74

      17-Jun-2003 1013.24 1014.60 -18.60 -16.18 -7.66


      18-Jun-2003 1012.86 1014.60 -21.20 -16.69 -7.56


      Blanca Blew UP

      19-Jun-2003 1013.23 1013.95 -14.10 -16.52 -7.41

      20-Jun-2003 1014.18 1013.10 -1.50 -16.12 -7.23

      21-Jun-2003 1014.71 1013.20 1.50 -15.47 -7.11

      Blanca backtraced and weakened


      22-Jun-2003 1013.69 1013.05 -4.50 -15.21 -7.11


      Blanca dissapated and huge record sized hail crashed through roof in

      23-Jun-2003 1013.68 1013.25 -6.00 -14.95 -7.09

      24-Jun-2003 1013.21 1012.60 -4.70 -14.59 -7.00

      If you were watching real time Sunday, the strike activity was
      impressive over Nebraska:


      This link is where you could have actually viewed, real time, the
      huge amount of strike activity associated with the Nebraska severe
      weather. This is "fractal" evidence of the a wave of large scale,
      low frequacy concetrations of ions that cause particle movements, and
      hence cirrus enhancement and infra red retaining powers, in the upper
      clouds of the severe weather.

      This NASA link


      Shows a proximaty of Arizona fires to tropical storms Blanca, and on
      the other side of the fires, to the Nebraska severe weather. In
      between both is the GOC (Gulf of California), which has been strike
      free (indicative fractally of a positive to ground voltage region).
      This region is EXTREMELY gaia unhealthy because of river changes on
      the Colorado, specifically CAP (Colorado Arizona Project) and Mexican
      Colorado use which results in almost nothing flowing into the Gulf of
      Cortez. The microbrial biosphere, the methanogens that make the
      hydrates in the GOC, become much less able to transmit a large scale
      low frequency wave unless it a relatively high voltage--and theny you
      get this. When Blanca ended, so did its electrical attraction of
      particles and fair weather voltages. This left very positively
      charged particles no where to go--except toward Nebraska.

      The repeat of the severe weather last night is not surprising,
      either, as once the material begins to move in that direction with
      the day to night electrical changes conditions are ripe for more
      thunderstorm activity.

      It's all electrical and biological, baby.
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