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A list of the fake skeptics

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  • Mike Doran
    Here is a partial list of the so called leading skeptics. (I think of them as paid cynics). What I want you to notice is there isn t a one of these people
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2003
      Here is a partial list of the so called leading skeptics. (I think
      of them as paid cynics). What I want you to notice is there isn't a
      one of these people with the right background to understand the
      fundamental electrical and biological nature of cloud behavior—and
      so they continue to couple that which is uncoupled, argue straw men
      about CO2 as a green house gas when CO2 is about decidedly
      electrical and biological factors. The GHG warmers, of course, miss
      it for the clouds and the correlations, which is really explained by
      electrical changes that CO2 from fossil fuel brings about, but they
      have no real skepticism to feedback on their wrong positions:

      Dr. Tim Patterson
      Dr. Tim Patterson is Professor of Geology at Carleton University in
      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He received both a B.Sc. in Biology (1980)
      and a B.A. in Geology (1983) from Dalhousie University, Halifax,
      N.S. and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of California at Los
      Angeles (UCLA) in 1986 with Dr. Helen Tappan Loeblich and late Dr.
      Alfred R. Loeblich. After brief stints at the University of Southern
      California and University of California at Berkeley he joined
      Carleton University in 1988.
      He is Canadian leader of the International Geological Correlation
      Program Project 437 "Coastal Environmental Changes during Sea-Level
      Highstands in the late Quaternary" and is Principal Investigator of
      a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Strategic
      Project studying the effect of past climate change (on scales
      varying from seasonal to millennia) on fish populations that are
      important to the North American west coast fishing industry.
      Other areas of research interest include the use of foraminifera to
      identify neotectonic and paleoceanographic phenomena on the west
      coast of Canada, the further development of arcellacea as a new
      class of paleolimnological indicators, and to determine whether the
      methods of non-linear dynamics are applicable in the study of
      evolutionary phenomena.

      EMF background? No. Biology? Yes but more paleo/chemistry in the
      sense that he would miss key gaia concepts from reductionism away
      from basic feedback functional concepts. Sad.

      Dr. Tim Ball
      Earlier PhDs in climatology
      Because of his age and the age of his education, certainly there is
      no genetic based biology or EMFs in his background.
      Dr. Fred Singer
      Singer did his undergraduate work in electrical engineering at Ohio
      State University and holds a Ph.D. in physics from Princeton

      Nice background for work for a power company--but no biology. No
      meteorology or climatology for understanding or studying cloud
      behavior in relation to the EMF training he does have.
      Dr. Pat Michaels
      Michaels is the Virginia State Climatologist and is a university
      professor at the University of Virginia, where his offerings have
      included a class on the environment, science and politics. He came
      to the University of Virginia from the University of Wisconsin
      (Madison), where he studied under climatologist Reid A. Bryson and
      received a Ph.D. in Ecological Climatology in 1979. Michaels earlier
      received a BS in Biological Sciences (1971) and a Masters in Plant
      Ecology (1975) from the University of Chicago.

      While there is evidence of the fact that Dr. Michaels is on the take
      from big fossil fuel interests and therefore from the start his bias
      makes him a worthless read, just his education explains it. He has
      bio to the extent that he knows that greenery improves w/ more CO2
      BUT not enough biology to know that this increase in greenery
      increases microbrial actrivity and hence increases the containment
      of chemistry that would increase conductivity and hence impact
      climate. He also has no EMF background.

      Dr. Theodor Landscheidt
      Solar/climate researcher Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles
      of Solar Activity Klammerfelsweg 5, 93449 Waldmuenchen, Germany
      This guy uses statistics well, and is a student of the solar output.
      That's about it. But he doesn't study the sun for EMFs nor does he
      have any biology in his background. This is the scientist behind the
      internet's climate debate cynic king--John Daly.

      Dr. Roy Spencer
      Dr. Roy W. Spencer received his B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from
      the University of Michigan in 1978 and his M.S. and Ph.D. in
      Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin in 1980 and 1982. He
      then continued at the U. of Wisconsin through 1984 in the Space
      Science and Engineering Center as a research scientist. In his
      current position at the Earth System Science Center of the
      University of Alabama in Huntsville Dr. Spencer serves as Principal
      Investigator on the Global Precipitation Studies with Nimbus-7 and
      DMSP SSM/I.

      EMF background? No. Biology? No.

      Dr. Madhav Khandekar
      Dr. Madhav L Khandekar, a former research scientist with Environment
      Canada, holds a PhD in meteorology and has worked in the fields of
      climatology, meteorology and oceanography for over 45 years.

      Another really old scholar clearly w/out DNA based genetic biology
      or EMF training. As the action is above in the clouds, while coupled
      to the oceans, looking at the oceans or ambient winds isn't going to
      tell you how the system electrically couples or how the biosphere
      modulates this process.
      Dr. Fred Michel
      Dr. Michel is actively researching:
      • Environmental isotope and geochemical studies of groundwater and
      permafrost throughout the Canadian and Russian Arctic
      • Quaternary paleoclimates
      • Groundwater investigation of geothermal systems in Canada
      • Application of groundwater in mineral exploration and heat pump
      • Indicators in resource hydrogeology studies
      • Analysis of aquifer test data

      Earth sciences type—again, little if any biology, and certainly no
      understanding of EMFs.


      Dr. Howard C. Hayden
      Emeritus Professor of Physics
      University of Connecticut
      (32 years at UConn)
      Research Interests: ionic & atomic collisions; charge transfer,
      ionization, energy loss, energy-level crossings, ion-surface
      collisions, ion implantation, relativity considerations,
      (including the most sensitive Trouton-Noble experiment ever
      performed), energy for society (fossil fuels, nuclear, hydro, wind,
      biomass, photovoltaics, solar heating, ...)

      I think what happens to people like this guy, is even though he has
      the physics to understand the EMFs, he is a chaos idiot by training
      and can't understand what I call bio math or the modulation of
      chaotic feedbacks. So he focuses on the energy side of the climate
      debate, and trusts the strawman—that CO2 is not a significant
      forcing as a GHG (it's not) ignoring his own assumption relating to
      the fact that CO2 has EMF meaning in our ecology. In short, this guy
      misses because mostly for a lack of biology in his training.

      Dr. J. Terry Rogers

      Completely w/out a clue on EMFs and bio modulation of them. This guy
      is a mechanical engineer—the kind that makes cars. Also older. He
      understands the heat dynamics of CO2 as a GHG and realizes CO2 is
      not a significant forcing as a GHG. I have found people with his
      background politically and scientifically the most ignorant about
      the topic. Perhaps many years of the bad science of CO2 as a GHG has
      caused poor critical thinking skills relative to other ways in which
      CO2 acts on the cloud processes . . .
      Dr. Willie Soon
      Research Interests:
      (1) Estimating the changes in the near-Earth environment's spectral
      and particle energy distributions caused by the Sun's activity and
      their impacts on Earth's climate.

      Dr. Roger Pocklington

      Oceanographer—again, lacks EMF and bio training.


      Dr. Sallie Baliunas

      M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in astrophysics from Harvard University. She
      is co-host of the Web site www.TechCentralStation.com, a senior
      scientist and chair of the Science Advisory Board at the George C.
      Marshall Institute, and past contributing editor to World Climate
      Report. Her awards include the Newton-Lacy-Pierce Prize of the
      American Astronomical Society, the Petr Beckmann Awards for
      Scientific Freedom, and the Bok Prize from Harvard University. The
      author of over 200 scientific articles, Dr. Baliunas served as
      technical consultant for a science-fiction television series, Gene
      Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict.

      This is a prime example of a thermal, chaos idiot. Physics gives a
      theoretical basis to understand EMFs, but in real life it is not
      applied in the work and papers on the sun's radiation output
      dynamics. There is no cloud dynamic background, and certainly has
      no biology education. In short, this is a dangerous red herring who
      makes speaking engagements at Republican fundraisers.

      www.environment.harvard.edu/henvdir/SOON_WILLIE_H.html - see also

      Dr. Willie Soon

      Astrophysicist - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics -
      specialist in understanding the Sun/climate connection.

      Yep. No bio or EMF training. Another sun expert without knowing
      what matters to clouds.


      Dr. John Christy

      Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center at the
      University of Alabama. PhD as a Climatologist. No EMF or boi
      training whatsoever. Interestingly, he DOES have a M.Div, which
      qualifies him to be a moral majority right wing nut, but he has a
      particular brand of chaos/thermal idiocy that qualifies him to speak
      for the whores in Congress. Perhaps a low point in false morality
      as we avoid the stewardship that the Bible actually talks about
      respecting the planet.


      Dr. Chris Essex

      Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario—
      focuses on underlying physics/math to the complex climate systems.

      This guy completely lacks EMF and biology and of even more interest
      to me is even his email address uses the word `thermos'. Again,
      heat and climate are NOT coupled. This guy probably focused his
      math reductively, and has no idea how biological math works with
      modulating variables from chaotic inputs. Very scary, this kind of


      Dr. Roger Peilke

      Professor and Colorado State Climatologist; Current President of the
      American Association of State Climatologists

      B.A., Mathematics, Towson State College, 1968
      M.S., Ph.D., Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, 1969, 1973

      Look Ma, no EMF or bio training here! What did you expect, someone
      who wouldn't COUPLE climate to thermal factors? Dumb and Dumberer.

      Dr. William M. Gray

      Ph.D., 1964, University of Chicago, Geophysical Sciences
      M.S., 1959, University of Chicago, Meteorology

      Oops. Just correlative stats that coupled that which isn't
      coupled. Now retiring (yahooooo). No bio or EMF training.
      George Taylor
      No EMF or bio training whatsoever. Another politically active
      meteorologist who doesn't even know what drives what he studies
      thermally—EMFs and the biosphere.

      Dr. Keith and Sherwood Idso
      The Idso brothers are biologists. No EMF training. This is a
      leading internet propaganda site funded by big coal/oil interests.
      Need I say more? I will, their panel of advisors have no EMF
      training and, more, there are industry energy talking heads.
      Better, the bio backgrounds, which forms the basis of the strawmen
      tactic of saying that CO2 is a flora loving gas, are all experts of
      complex biology, not microbrial life, where all the electrical
      conductivity containment issues arise. This is rationalizing
      selfish behavior false skepticism cynicism at its worse. Someone
      should sue these yahoos for fraud on genocide.
      David Wojick
      Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh (1974). Specializing in
      Mathematical Logic and Conceptual Analysis. Doctoral thesis was an
      analysis of scientific and technological revolutions.
      B.S. in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University (1964).

      Dam builder. No EMF, no biology training. Complete chaos/thermal
      Art Robinson of OISM
      Chemist. Some bio training but no EMF training.
      Herbert I.H. Saravanamuttoo
      B.Sc., Glasgow,
      Ph.D., Bristol,
      No bio or EMF training.

      Dr. Robert Balling
      Director - Office of Climatology, Arizona State University
      Fossil fuels made a huge contribution to ASU's climatology
      department. Balling heads it. Go figure. This climatologist has
      no EMF or bio training. But he argues a good book or two of
      strawmen. Such a liar should have been a lawyer.
      Dr. Richard P. Lindzen
      (Ph.D., '64, S.M., '61, A.B., '60, Harvard University)
      RWN gave "lessons" to Bush on climate before Kyoto scrapped. No EMF
      or bio training. Iris paper, however, is best data to show
      induction of large scale low freq EMF on cirrus behavior in a
      depleted biosphere setting.
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