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Springfield MO hit w/ mile wide tornado

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  • Mike Doran
    This matches some pretty good solar activity . . . but let s look how the EMF is near the earth: http://www.lightingstorm.com What this link shows is a more
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003
      This matches some pretty good solar activity . . . but let's look
      how the EMF is near the earth:


      What this link shows is a more frontal EMF event, which means strong
      rains but less likely to produce and outbreak, IMHO.

      The outbreak of a few days ago was accompanied by less of a solar
      event concurrent with the outbreak but there was some before that
      help the thing organize. The organization was from the north magnetic
      pole, where the isobars are closest, and a wave can then occur to a
      convective, or negative to ground area, which was wrapped around the
      north magnetic pole. This area was largely strike free. Then there
      was a zone of fair weather associated with the convective, and
      finally the area further south where the outbreak occurred and where
      there were point EMF concentrations (negative to ground areas in the

      This time of year provides excellent signal to noise amplification of
      these kinds of electrical events.

      A more frontal event like this is also somewhat timed to the spring
      in that you could get cold air organized to the north, only to be
      drawn south with the CME, solar activity and resulting strikes and
      cirrus behavior, infra red values changing in the cirrus in reaction
      to the EMF on them between ionosphere and cloud and ground.

      The outbreak of a few days ago was much more of a timing thing than
      just based on solar activity. This was a very interesting TIMED
      outbreak, much like May 3, 1999.

      Watching then on large scale radar you could see the relational
      position of the storm to the north EMF.

      Understand this time of year the tropics start to warm but the poles
      remain somewhat fridgid--or at least cold enough so that near the
      north EMF iso bar sorting and signaling can occur and be amplified by
      the cirrus enhancement. Put another way, if there were strong
      convection further north, the charge separations would be strong
      enough regionally to produce their own regional field--unorganized by
      the earth's EMF. BUT, where it is timed like this, the field can be
      organized and amplified at the same time.

      Once the storm itself is presented, then all that is required is for
      a point EMF to form relative to the storm. These occur because of the
      differences in the basins, or the North Pacific, GOC, GOM, and North
      Pacific, how the Doran waves bounce off these regions and produce
      concentrations of positive ion concentrations in the "Alley". We have
      seen a fairly active N. Atlantic this year, so it should be no
      surprise that the severe weather was slightly more east than say
      1999. Of course, some things like flaring, Mac moon dynamics, and bio
      activity will all play, but this time of year is most known for the
      signal to noise issue.

      What is interesting to me is how Milankovitch plays in this.
      Traditional meterology/climatology looking soley at solar insOlation
      would miss it--that as the orbital changes occur, so do the ratios.

      Finally, as always, the biosphere modulates these varying outputs--to
      maintain a living earth. If you don't understand EMFs, cirrus and
      infra red dynamics, and the relational biosphere that modulates these
      EMFs--you won't be state of the science in climate or meterology w/in
      5 years.
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