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Ana forms

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  • Mike Doran
    Hey if you get a chance to look at the strike link real time in relation to Ana: http://www.lightningstorm.com It is worth it. W/ the W. Pac storm going on now
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2003
      Hey if you get a chance to look at the strike link real time in
      relation to Ana:


      It is worth it. W/ the W. Pac storm going on now for some time the
      earth's EMF is in strong form. Put it this way--if that storm is a
      power supply--its hooked up and discharging. The impact reaches all
      the way to the North magnetic pole and the line of strike activity
      points right at Hudson Bay in a straight line.

      Now here is where it gets interesting. The shape of the coast along
      Florida up to the Carolinas and the Gulf Stream causes a sort of
      focusing of the EMF Doran wave, much like a magnifying glass will
      focus light from the sun to a point hot enough to burn.

      Ana IS a point EMF event. Will it go warm core? Don't be mislead by
      ocean temperatures. Remember, this is all about conductivity and
      relative EMF strength, and since that area is biologically active as
      I have described in the preceding posts, the focus of EMF is INTENSE.

      BUT, for the same reason it is created it will NOT come ashore this
      time of year. It is only later in the year when the ocean warms up
      enough that the ocean based EMF causes the event rather than the the
      storm created by the land based EMF--we begin to see noise and signal
      issues w/ colder seasons as solar energies can be organized by the
      close isobars of the earth's EMF rather than overcome by the strong
      convective charge separations of the late fall in the context of
      conditions so warm that there is convection near the earth's EMF
      north pole that causes the noise of that convection to be greater
      that what occurs from the solar event by closed isobars . . .


      Interesting too is as this point EMF has been created the whole of
      the region is impacted by cloud cover.

      One of the climate change issues, just in terms of a modulated
      climate, is if the oceans/land were to become so warm near the north
      magnetic pole that there becomes no ability of an isobar organized
      storm from solar wind. IOWs there becomes a decreasing signal to
      noise issue.

      This then feeds back on what IS the earth EMF.

      As you all know, the earth EMF has shrunk about 8 percent over the
      past 100 years as the oceans have warmed. This is yet again why I can
      not put into words how ignorant the chaos idiots are respecting
      climate change and thinking that the moderate raises in observed
      temperatures, coined "global warming" is an uncertain and
      insignificant change. That is because in a bio modulated system like
      this, there is a range of change above which the biosphere is not
      equipted to well modulate. It is just like our bodies shut down at
      108 degress F.!

      At the same time, it should be understood that at the sign of a
      virus, like SARs, our own bodies react by raising our body
      tempertures--because that kills the virus. BUT, in this case WE are
      the virus--and a rise in temperatures has caused hydrology changes in
      the past that limits complex life.

      Both W. Pac storm and Ana will decline as solar wind goes down.
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