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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] A red dot without an eye

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  • mike
    Walter, The specific charge accumulation is a negative voltage in the IONOSPHERE. This causes a halo effect of positive charges around that accumulation. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2003

      The specific charge accumulation is a negative voltage in the
      IONOSPHERE. This causes a halo effect of positive charges around that
      accumulation. The SW has NOTHING to do with this.

      Now, on the surface (eg the ocean), the EMF concept at play is called
      impedeance. For surface winds moving from east to west in a TS in the
      northern hemisphere (the northern portion of the storm) this will lead to
      enhanced conductivities or lowered impedance via help from induction.

      The southern part of the storm will have lowered impedance because the
      waters are warmer and the warmer a conducter the better it will conduct a
      current. Since resistance is part of impedance, impedance is lower.

      In all wind directions, the shifting of the wind and the trubulance this
      creates will cause disassociation of the CO2 from carbonic acid and back--
      producing free electrons that tend to increase the conductivity of the
      ocean water surface.

      Tropical storms are fundimentally electrical, which, compared to the
      storm on Jupiter, is not. Tropical storm shave eyes, the storm on
      Jupiter does not.

      Gaia modulates EMF on earth--hence the temperal and seasonal aspect of
      tropical storms. Jupiter is without a biosphere, so the storm rages on,
      unchanged, over hundreds of years.

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      Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:34:55 -0700
      Subject: Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] A red dot without an eye

      > <html><body>
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      > OK  Mike,  let me try to answer,  Walter<BR>
      > <BR>
      > On Tue, 15 Apr 2003 08:15:34 -0000 "Mike Doran"
      > <mike@...><BR>
      > writes:<BR>
      > Let me ask you all a question. Please think about it. <BR>
      > <BR>
      > Why does a tropical storm have an eye that is perfectly round? <BR>
      > I believe the eye is round because the current causing the funnel
      > eye<BR>
      > upward is twisting caused by the nature of a direct current to flow in
      > a<BR>
      > twisting pathway. Defined in direction by the right hand rule. 
      > Which is<BR>
      > point your right thumb in the direction of current flow and the
      > twisting<BR>
      > will be in the direction of the pointing curled fingers. <BR>
      > <BR>
      > Doesn't that seem to be a determined feature? <BR>
      > --- It is determined by the nature of the power that generates the
      > eye.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > Why do they come and go <BR>
      > (tropical storms) so quickly? Why is there a "season" for
      > them?  The<BR>
      > season determines its because the flow of SE current which causes them
      > is<BR>
      > strongest in the belt of the earth that is pointing its (TS area)
      > storm<BR>
      > area at the Sun at that season. Along with the normal flow of the SE
      > from<BR>
      > South to North the SE actually bleeds off in the direction of the
      > flow<BR>
      > out into space toward the current going from the North pole to the
      > Sun,<BR>
      > joining it somewhat from the vertical site of the storm itself.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > These may sound like crazy questions--until you look at Jupiter: <BR>
      > <BR>
      > <a
      > href="http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/jupiter_spot.ht
      > ml">http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/jupiter_spot.html
      > </a> <BR>
      > <BR>
      > On Jupiter there is a big red storm that has existed for hundreds of
      > <BR>
      > years . . . without an eye. <BR>
      > <BR>
      > I believe that the eye points always at the Sun. (Maybe?  If not
      > I'll<BR>
      > have to do some other thinking) Its cause is again the SE and it is<BR>
      > stable because the conducting materials or material is not water. 
      > It is<BR>
      > a conductor that is conducting the SE to the surface of the eye, but
      > not<BR>
      > following the SE back to the Sun. It would seem possible that the<BR>
      > material conducting the SE does not have an eye because it is not<BR>
      > spinning. It could be magma that is too thick, or viscus, but does<BR>
      > conduct the SE toward the surface. Its conductance is in hot magma,
      > that<BR>
      > rises to the surface as it is brought by the SE to the surface and
      > spills<BR>
      > out and around and back to repeat its path.  As the magma comes up
      > and<BR>
      > releases its SE charge there must be something that passes beyond
      > the<BR>
      > magma with the SE or it wouldn't be discharging at the surface of
      > the<BR>
      > eye. Perhaps if we observe eruptions on our volcanoes and measure<BR>
      > discharges of electricity there we can discover what is happening
      > on<BR>
      > Saturn.  Possibly the SE is the source of the lightening
      > always<BR>
      > accompanying our eruptions. Lightening can because of great charge<BR>
      > concentration break through areas of poor conductance. If this is what
      > is<BR>
      > causing Saturn's eye, then lightening should be able to be detected
      > above<BR>
      > the eye.  The eye shape instead of the round hole of our TS eyes
      > must be<BR>
      > caused by the fact that the SE is not able to move in the direction
      > of<BR>
      > the right hand rule the magma, that is conducting it on its path to
      > the<BR>
      > surface. The SE path is being conducted in the area where its
      > electrical<BR>
      > pressure is greatest, which happens to be in an eye, oval shape.
      > This<BR>
      > area in turn is being reoriented by the best place for conductance of
      > the<BR>
      > SE, just as we find that high noon is the strongest flow of the SE
      > as<BR>
      > measured by its presence on the Alaska oil pipe line, and at midnight
      > its<BR>
      > presence is the weakest. Our earth and conductive water presence
      > are<BR>
      > actually turned on its axis by this discharge and the SE makes its<BR>
      > entrance and exit via the conductance of the earth's conductive<BR>
      > atmosphere.  Saturn's atmosphere must be so gaseous that its
      > turning is<BR>
      > effected by the gasses themselves around the stable magma core. 
      > This<BR>
      > would also show what is going on in the presence of the magma.  I
      > have<BR>
      > always suspected that the earth's magma is kept movable by the SE.
      > The<BR>
      > fact that the earth's core is a solid, determined by the inability
      > of<BR>
      > quakes to pass through it, would indicate that it is not melted, and
      > that<BR>
      > it is that way perhaps by the possibility that it is not as conductive
      > as<BR>
      > the magma. <BR>
      >         This brings on more thinking
      > about gravity iteslf and how it is<BR>
      > formed and the form it exists in, but not now.   Walter <BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
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