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West Pac TS

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  • Mike Doran
    Member posted April 14, 2003 01:52 AM http://www.geocities.com/forecastteam/IWIC2/Kujira.html Interesting to look how clear and the huge area that the fair
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      posted April 14, 2003 01:52 AM

      Interesting to look how "clear" and the huge area that the fair
      weather area covers here.

      The SOI has largely been negative and we have and a good amount of
      solar activity according your report, David. I suspect we had a SOI
      reversal too although I would have to double check the readings and
      the timem this one formed. The W. Pac has been Gaia active IMHO--and
      moving to La Nina conditions, meaning the areas there near the
      equator were probably BOTH warm/warming (more warm a conducter in the
      oceans, the better they conduct) and having residual biological
      containment related to the exit from the upwelling that the cool
      anomalies to the west that an "El Nino" brings.

      Because of the season of the sun and the fact that the oceans are
      warmest out to the west, anyway, this is some of the most powerful
      events that the biosphere can create in terms of energy. I love to
      study these things, these tropical storms. I can spend hours looking
      at them, trying to visualize their workings--and indeed in looking,
      for hours, at SST anomaly charts, was how I discovered their EMF

      Interesting story. The Cartesian(sp) plane is named after a French
      mathematician who liked to ponder the corner of his room. He would
      lay awake--half dreaming, when it came to him he could mathematically
      describe any point in his room with three "lines". Later, on the
      literal war like posture of the Danes, he was forced to tutor a young
      Princess and leave France, for a cold, drafty chambers of Danish
      royalty. Forced to rise early, and in the cold, soon he took ill and

      Anyway, in the abstract, these tropical storms are huge point EMF
      events--with extremely large negative ion concentrations in the
      ionosphere above the eye of them. And like this Iraq war for oil,
      where our "beautiful minds" plot "freedom"--we seldom see the "chaos"
      on the ground.

      This is the nature we f with -- our living earth, with these kinds of
      wars--these battles for oil, for a social darwinism that doesn't
      understand that there is a reason why some of the biology on earth
      has not gained complexity as we understand it. We have NO idea what
      she modulates--this living earth.
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