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Cyclone Kalunde/severe weather in Florida

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  • Mike Doran
    http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/tropic/real-time/indian/storm/ Then go to this link: dvor-nh18 Cyclone Kalunde, in the southern Indian Ocean, has now reached
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2003

      Then go to this link:


      Cyclone Kalunde, in the southern Indian Ocean, has now reached
      category 5 intensity according to NRL.
      As you may know, I think that Cyclone Kalunde will be associated with
      HUGE negative voltages in its eye. Blow ups like this are ALWAYs
      associated with global and space EMF.


      Date Tahiti Darwin Daily** 30 day 90 day

      4-Mar-2003 1006.98 1006.55 -17.60 -8.53 -7.45

      5-Mar-2003 1007.34 1007.20 -19.00 -8.57 -7.39

      6-Mar-2003 1009.88 1007.40 -7.80 -8.10 -7.27

      7-Mar-2003 1010.90 1006.75 0.10 -7.78 -7.13

      Pretty good swing of the SOI w/ this storm forming. The EMF of the
      Nor'easter and even the severe weather over Florida--combined w/ the
      known upwards movement of the proton wind from space:


      Tells me NOTHING different.

      As long as these systems are not analyzed as electrical and
      biological--we are shorting ourselves as a scientific nation--and the
      critical, life and death policies that flow from our flawed thinking.

      BTW, I have an online Indian friend who explained to me how the
      monsoon is typically kicked off by a strong cyclone. There is no good
      purely thermodynamic reason for this, but in terms of conductivity
      patterns--it makes sense. There is a very cool doc named Joejohn
      McFadden from Brit--an MD, who does system research w/ physics heads--
      and they think that consciousness is an EMF (not all hardwire) which
      connects the brain and allows infinate permiations and connections.
      Anyway, I recently woke my better half from a deep sleep only to have
      her wake in a start. We have all had that happen. The EMF from a big
      storm is the same thing as the living earth uses EMF to enhance
      cirrus and bring persistant rains, the monsoons, to the biosphere.

      Also as you also know, I think the swing of the SOI produces what is
      called back EMF.

      If a swing from a positive SOI to neg produces a back EMF event to
      the US, the converse would be true to the Indian Ocean--as it will be
      connected somewhat to the Pacific via conductive oceans and Doran
      waves communicating an EMF instability. Indeed, the EMF from a back
      EMF induction may be powerful enough to light up the whole planet and
      even the behavior near the isobars of the poles of cirrus . . .



      Today there was over Florida very intense strikes with three distinct
      oblong clusters of negative to ground voltages. And a small dot of
      strikes in the N. Atlantic about 400 miles east of these storms.
      Meanwhile, w/out strikes there was an area of convection over the mid
      Atlantic, particularly along the coast of North Carolyna.

      Then one more doran wave out to the same spot in the N. Atlantic that
      has been struck all late winter and spring w/ these storms.

      The strike activity follows the rules of Doran waves--low freq large
      scale EMF movements from surface to cloud to ionosphere--EMF waves
      that enhance cirrus and sharpen fair weather positive to ground
      voltages. The oblong nature of the Doran waves is related to the
      narrow and warm, conductive Gulf Stream--which is moving NW by N and
      then NE relative to where the conductivities are in the region. There
      is, as I mentioned, a small area of negative to ground in the N.
      Atlantic just on the east side of the Gulf stream, and that is
      relational not just to the Florida EMF but the storm over coastal

      Now, I bring this up--about the oblong nature in that uplift from
      strong infrared values from EMF that cause vorticities and
      instabilities if it were to occur at a point . . . is reduced if the
      storm is more frontal in nature. Such is the power of the infra red
      values under the EMF sorted cirrus, which get played to banding
      behaviors like DNA through an electropherisis strip.

      Now here is something profound--and please think about it--try to
      clear your mind of the traditional meteorology teachings for it to
      sink in. It is well known that severe weather and tornadic activity
      is more likely to occur in Tornado Alley as compared to other places
      in the world YET Florida, so near convective regions--is less likely
      to see severe weather. WHY?

      Because the Gulf Stream organizes EMF in lines, not points--and
      uplift is more likely to be frontal. Simple as that.

      That point of EMF in the N. Atlantic is a point of activity simply
      because the curvature of the conductive Gulf Stream focuses the EMF
      to that point--like a magnefying glass focuses light.

      That said, there was once hurricane that hit Florida with such
      powerful winds that wind blowing the sand on the sidewalk caused

      Which again goes to prove that it is all electrical and biological,
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