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Awesome NAO link anyalized Gaia style

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  • Mike Doran <mike@usinter.net>
    http://www.nasa.gov/improve/HP_ILP_Feature_030210.html If you get a chance to see this QuickScat image animation linked at the page bottom of the link above
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2003

      If you get a chance to see this "QuickScat image animation" linked at
      the page bottom of the link above (1.4 Mb MPEG), it is worth the down
      load time. What should be noticed is how there is a east to west
      wind that inducts FOR cirrus moving right at NYC. This matches with
      the Gulf Stream to bring very good EMF conditions for cirrus
      production and produced low draws down cold air from the terresphere
      to cause rain with Doran waves onshore. Warm air from the Gulf
      Stream is drawn north, so you get the thriple threat of warm air,
      cold air, and cirrus enhancement.

      Of further interest is the earth's EMF relative to this all. Given
      that the earth's EMF is electrical, the top of the isobars or the
      north magnetic pole becomes more of a source of EMF organization. It
      should be noted that the wind direction cuts almost perfectly across
      the lines--because the north magnetic pole is over Hudson Bay, not
      the geographic north pole. Moreover, iceland is a source of good CME
      signal without convective noise, and it is interesting that the
      dividing line of voltage conditions, IOW fair weather 250 volts per
      meter positive to ground against strike ridden convective regions of
      negative voltages to ground, should be just south of Greenland in
      Iceland. This NOA IS an electrical pattern.

      With the east coast so dry then with rain the biosphere feeds back
      biological conditions of detritus w/ several seasons worth
      of "nutriants" which further, by biological activity, containing ions
      that are conductive, increases impedance of the Doran waves in the
      region. This causes more precip. via Doran waves to the terresphere.

      It's all electrical and biological.

      Do you know what the QBO is? IMHO this is a wind that moves by EMF.
      This wind is located in the ionosphere--where the air is thin and
      ionized and conductive. This wind moves about 90 mph. Do some
      research online about the QBO and see if any thermal idiot has any
      idea what makes that wind go. How does the movement of such a thin
      wind so far in the air impact hurricanes? Go to William Gray's
      hurricane site and you will find he uses the QBO as a TS indicating

      When it comes to EMFs and climate stuff--I have sort of a junk brain.
      That is, from my military training in electrons, when I have read
      unrelated stuff about climate that mentions EMFs--I take it in and
      remember it out of interest. I had no idea that it would come
      together like this.

      There are several good examples just how electrical climate and
      weather is. One is the study about 4 years about by researchers who
      found that the ionosphere at night was lower by 4 to 5 miles based on
      radio recordings. This one really perked my interest because in the
      military I worked on radios. Here is what these very bright
      researchers did. They took over 64,000 radio recordings from the past
      35 years. Then they took the information where the sound was recorded
      at and from where the signal originated. With this information, the
      echo heard from the main signal compared to the signal that bounces
      off the top of the ionosphere gives you the actual height of the
      ionosphere at night. Think of it this way. Take a hanging rope and
      whip it from the top. A wave will run to the rope end and then will
      oscillate back to you. The time it takes for this to happen, if you
      know the speed of the wave and the frequancy, will tell you how long
      the rope is!!! In this case the speed of light is known and the
      broadcast frequancy is also known. Therefore the time difference
      between echoes tells you exactly how high the ionosphere is. The
      change of 4-5 miles is extremely remarkable here, whether it is a
      measure of thermal change or electrical. My view is that this is a
      largely electrical measure because the impact of cirrus is going to
      have a feedback here--and the Doran waves are the same as a radio
      wave in the sense that we are talking about a EMF--only much lower

      Another neat example of just how electrical weather and climate is
      comes from geology. There is geological evidence of concurrance of
      incredible electrical activity with glacier laying storms. One storm
      caused a house sized bolder to be split in half with a strike. That
      kind of a strike would be associated with INCREDIBLE Doran wave

      But how do electrical fields move surface winds? The forcing
      discussed is cirrus clouds. There is no question the cirrus have been
      measured for infra red (IR) values and there is no question IR
      changes will cause a wind to blow on the surface. Enough for me to
      say we pee in our own beds with the fossil fuels. The real question
      is whether there is enough EMF to move or "hold" the cirrus which
      exist between 3 and 5 miles up, or at between 500 and 800 mbs of
      pressure--not whether there is enough EMF near the surface to move
      rain or winds. There at the level of the cirrus clouds the air is
      thin enough to have a thermal profile to freeze the water, and the
      characteristics to allow water to exist there and for the air to be
      EMF insulating. (Clouds like noctilucent clouds, which are thin ice
      crystal clouds found near the poles at about 50 miles up, cannot
      exist from water from the earth as the profile of the air temperature
      and density does not support water from the ground to exist at that
      height. Instead, there the source of the water is oxydized
      methane . . .) Thus, between the ionsphere where the air is either
      thin or ionized, and, therefoer conductive, and the cloud level,
      which is also conductive because of the ions in the the cloud water,
      there is a "dielectric" zone where a capacitive current can move the
      cirrus. The question becomes what are the AC dynamics there that
      could move cirrus. Local winds will have little to do with the large
      scale movements of EMF in these zones, and even the horizontal winds
      at the level of the cirrus won't be able to escape the vertical
      deflection by a large scale electrical forcing which uniformly forces
      where the cloud particle is coming and going. That said, an upper
      level wind will "shear" a storm--but as I have mentioned here before,
      the question of ambiant winds was addressed in the Lindzen
      paper . . . and answer that something NOT based purely on winds or
      thermodynamic SSTs profiles was moving cirrus . . . which has NOT
      been contradicted by the study of other regions of the tropics where
      the EMF profiles differ.

      Now, I want to get back to this idea--that the earth's EMF is a
      product of Doran waves moving from magnetic pole to pole--and the
      induction in the Lindzen 'iris' tropical W. Pacific is a product of
      these moving waves and fields they produced--and are thus organized
      by the earth's EMF such that Fleming's right hand rule can explain
      qualatatively the phenomenon.

      It turns out that where convection occurs the strike movements of
      current represent HUGE voltages and currents--and represent the
      AMPLIFIED aspect of the organization--powered by the convection
      movement of ions. BUT, in places like near the poles or say, over
      Greenland the areas are so cold that the atmosphere is basically free
      of convection and huge ionosphere to surface electrical current
      movements that convection entails. This means that where the isobars
      are very close together, the charges that the upper atmosphere will
      pick up can be smaller and can cummulate over time to bring about the
      earth's EMF as an amplified SIGNAL. Put another way, there is a noise
      to signal issue that would occur with solar winds over convective
      areas--if that were all that was involved. But clearly the signal
      gets through, based on the observations we have had over the past
      year. More on that as we go here . . .

      It turns out there is far more cloud cover over the Southern
      Hemisphere than the Northern. This has been explained as due to the
      oceans and its ability to sink heat. This is more nonsense dogma.
      What REALLY is occurring is the counter current of the Southern Ocean
      circumpolar inducts against cirrus and the signal captured by the
      south magnetic pole's isobars from CMEs . . . is a small one that
      only finds amplification with convection waves . . . and the
      terresphere is a source of biological EMF enhancement of Doran waves
      and convective processes that move huge voltages that enhance cirrus
      and hence cloud cover by infra red behavior underneath these thin

      What is really intersting about the so called El Nino we had this
      year is the frequency of warm anamally SSTs to cold was high along
      the North and South American coasts (saying much about coastal EMF
      conditions) but lower frequency over the central Pacific. We were in
      a double peak of flaring/CME and SSTs and biological conditions over
      the summer favored a warming central tropical Pacific . . . but it
      didn't bring much rain to the SW as predicted by those without EMF
      and biological training--the climate and meteorological community
      does not really understand what an El Nino is based purely on winds
      and temperatures of the oceans. And this brings us back to the Harris
      et al paper on 1970 La Nina to 1997 El Nino cirrus cloud behavior,
      and for me, to May 1998 when a third van Allen belt formed in space!

      The earth's EMF has shrunk 8% over the past 100 year. 10% over the
      past 150 which matches nicely, really, with CO2 as an electrical
      forcing. The earth's EMF moves up to 40 km in a day, and is not
      centered by hemisphere. This IMHO is due to the way the signal is
      sent from the EMF from the sun--in that over cold areas like
      Greenland or Antarctical a signal can come clean. The earth's EMF has
      flipped and moved over geological time. Also explained by changing
      Gaia and insulative conditions of the earth and perhaps even gamma
      ray conditions from deep space, that causes protons ions to
      accumulate on the ground in differing measures depending on the type
      of surface involved.
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