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  • Mike Doran <mike@usinter.net>
    http://www.greeningearthsociety.org/vitalrole.html A Service of The Greening Earth Society I just have to make fun of the service --as if the multi
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2003
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      " A Service of The Greening Earth Society "

      I just have to make fun of the "service"--as if the multi trillion
      dollar coal industry propaganda is a service!!!! ROLMFAO!!!! I mean,
      REALLY, even you shills--do you buy this?

      " 1/26/2003 "

      A recent service, at that.

      " Farmers and Their Vital Role "

      Their vital role to the coal sellers is to not be a constituancy
      which abhors them. Historically, the Democratic FARMER labor Party
      was at odds with Republicans. Today, farming has less family and
      labor intensive, and more large scale and mechanistic. Still, if
      farmers knew what was up, they would not support fossil fuels.
      Indeed, a sustained energy policy which uses that which is already in
      the biosphere instead of mining that which is not, to include uses of
      fossilized fertilizers--may end up the best theoritical solution to
      Gaia dynamics--and this has to come by cooperation of government and
      farming community.

      "Terrestrial storage of carbon – that is, carbon retained in plant
      leaves, branches, stems, and roots, and in soils themselves – offers
      dual benefits to humans. "

      Given the EMF dynamic, this is simply false. The Hawaiian data by
      Keeling Whorf is quite clear--the more CO2 the more ROTTING that
      occurs on an annual basis. Rotting is microbrial, and seasonal. When
      a plant dies from frost or its age, it begins to rot--be broken down
      by microbes and its inability to feedback living conditions on
      itself. The rotting chemistry enters the hydrology of a region and
      washes down into a biosphere that is equally large as the one on the
      terresphere. There, on the ocean bottoms, going down literally
      thousands of meters, is a biosphere that feedback an EMF state that
      has evolved over billions of years. That state redetermines the
      cirrus cloud behavior, the rain feedbacks for a region, and
      cummulatively, for world climate. Electrically, there is interplay
      between regions both in terms of feedbacks and responses. The reality
      isn't benefits but defects in living feedback loops that are
      evidenced by floods, droughts and other severe expressions of climate-
      -hardly friends to the farming community.

      "Because it fuels plant life, food crops become more abundant, plants
      more lush, and farm animals and humans better fed. It also reduces
      the concentration of carbon in the earth's atmosphere."

      The concentration of carbon in the earth's atmosphere may be
      significant in terms of the capacitive behavior of clouds and
      movements of cirrus, and also may increase weathering as a pH
      increase, but the EMF dynamic clearly involved alters hydrology so
      dramatically that it is simply not true that higher levels of CO2 in
      the biosphere will add greenery growth. There is a REASON that the
      biosphere has modulated CO2 to about 280 ppm for MILLIONS of years!

      "Because land management is crucial to successful carbon
      conservation, farmers and ranchers have a vital role to play in this
      new and growing field. "

      Again, they solve the wrong problem. It isn't just CO2 in the air--
      it's CO2 NOT in the biosphere placed into it. It's taking oil that is
      a mile underground, where it has no biosphere connected to it, and
      burning it straight into the lungs of life.

      "The agricultural practices that promote carbon conservation can be
      viewed as environmentally progressive, but they make good sense,
      too. "

      Environmentally progressive--more oxymorons from these people.

      "Conservation tillage reduces soil erosion and improves soil
      productivity while reducing energy inputs. "

      What does this have to do with what big coal promotes?

      . . .

      "To learn more, visit http://nature.org/climatechange "

      Note that these people quote Nature--the US rag I am about to destroy
      with later posts. Do you think this big money lobby has any influence
      over that rag? My view--yes, bigtime. The American farmer, and people-
      -don't have a clue what's up because our scientific institutions from
      university to publishing sources have sold out, sold out with our
      politicians--all the way to the top.

      . . .

      "For more information on carbon sequestration projects involving
      forestry, visit http://www.wri.org/climate/sequester.html and
      www.wri.org/climate/mitigate.html "

      Carbon "sequestration" projects which merely remove CO2 from the air
      but NOT from the biosphere are fundimentally flawed. More crap.

      "In Congress Kansas Senator Sam Brownback has introduced the Domestic
      Carbon Conservation Incentive Act to authorize financial incentives
      for carbon conservation in croplands. He and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden
      have co-sponsored additional sequestration legislation ncorporating
      forest land. "

      Between the ignorance and the selling out, I am not surprised.

      "• "Consider Carbon Sequestration on Your Farm," by Mahdi Al-Kaisi.
      This article, published in the journal Integrated Crop Management,
      can be read at http://www.ent.iastate.edu/ipm/icm/2000/7-24-
      2000/sequest.html. "

      BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA. I've now considered it. Snirt. I'll try to recall
      it, too, as we suffer through more droughts and floods--have the
      worst of both worlds, carbon in the biosphere creating defects in
      feedback loops and fascism and socialism solutions for the wrong

      "• Proceedings of the U.S. Department of Energy/National Energy
      Technology Laboratory "First National Conference on Carbon
      Sequestration," May 14-17, 2001
      http://www.netl.doe.gov/products/sequestration/index.html. "

      More sound, unbiased science brought to you by the US department of
      energy, or snirt, Texico!

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a sad joke!
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