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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Re: Lawmakers "tackle" Global Warming--and whiff

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  • foryeshua1@juno.com
    On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 03:47:34 -0000 David writes: The thing is, Walter, that all of the things you
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      On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 03:47:34 -0000 "David <b1blancer1@...>"
      <b1blancer1@...> writes:
      The thing is, Walter, that all of the things you mention can be
      explained by far less exotic, completely natural means.
      -----speed of earth rotation is caused by a power means, It is natural,
      and is the SE, not inertia.

      > Also the appearance of
      > meteorites on the South Pole and not on the North Pole would indicate
      > that something is bringing them, from other planets even, to our
      earth on
      > the South Pole.

      I don't think there's any more meteorites impacting the Earth at the
      south pole than the north pole. It's just that the terrain of the
      south polar region makes them easier to find. The Arctic ice breaks
      up and shifts, especially in summer. I'm sure they're a bunch of
      meteorites at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
      - - - there are meteorites all over the earth, because the shifting of
      the places of Earth rotation has changed, caused by the SE finding
      another better path of conductance. Recent this year falling of
      meteorites supports what I say.
      > What causes the circumpolar Eastward flow about the North and South
      > poles? Guess what, the secondary field of a current moving up from
      > South pole out through the North pole.

      Or perhaps just normal global wind patterns?
      -- guess what drives the wind patterns?

      > Why is the South Ozone hole smaller and shaped like the pole it
      > passes as it comes into the South pole, because of the SE Current.

      Smaller than what?
      --- smaller than the North pole ozone hole, until recently not expected
      nor identified, smaller because the passage of the SE out of the North
      pole is going out through a cone that surrounds the polar area because
      its conditions of conductance are better there, this is why it is warm,
      and melting.
      AS the SE goes out of the North Pole cone shape it cuts the Ozone hole
      there, in a very large hole because its path out of the earth is large

      > Why do the poles have ice on them?

      Because it's darn cold there, that's why! It's caused by an absence
      of sunlight!
      ----Yes to an extent. But the presence of minus 80 degree temperature
      that is needed for the solid freezing that holds North ice in place more,
      is not presently returning to the center of the pole as much.

      > The North pole inner space is warmer now because the Se is
      > flowing around the outside of the pole. If we were to put a pole in
      > center that can conduct the SE, and give it an controllable electric
      > switch, on both poles, we can center its flow and by varying the
      > flow at both poles we can control the freezing of the ice as well as
      the speed of the rotation of the
      > which is controlled by this primary current.

      The speed of Earth's rotation was set billions of years ago, Walter,
      and it keeps rotating because of inertia!
      ---- if this is so then why has the earth been slowing down during our
      present pole position? For the same reason that it speeds up when the
      poles shift to a new place for rotating the earth- - the insulation of
      the present place of conductance of the SE at whatever phase it is in,
      from "Ice age" to Ice Age' Which is really what is happening when we
      have identified "Ice Ages" The pole has shifted from near Russia, to
      closer to us in Canada, and then back again. With the same shifting it
      caused a new spinning speed which shifts the plates away from each other
      in the Atlantic and pushes the weaker ocean bottom into wrinkles in the
      Pacific. This shifting of the places of rotation is the reason the plates
      seem to shift across the surface of the earth. They have not shifted in a
      straight line from their present positions, but a series of zig zags
      which are caused by the centrifugal forces caused by the new positions
      and rotation speeds of the switched to places of rotation.
      > It is even possible that by controlling the rotation rate we
      > might be able to change the earth's orbit to be closer or farther away
      > from the Sun, thereby changing its orbit, away from comets.

      Even if that were possible, which it isn't, are you sure that's
      something you want to mess with?
      ------If you have another more possible idea about how to escape quickly
      appearing chunks of space junk that could destroy us, what alternative do
      you suggest? My idea, if it proves out to work, could be instantaneous by
      varying the speed of rotation of the earth by varying the SE flow through
      it. I do not think any other method suggested can do it as cheaply nor as
      quickly as my idea. Walter

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