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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Wind orientation and SOI--strong solar activity cause

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  • Mike Doran <mike@usinter.net>
    Great way of talking about it there, David. I notice with tonight s SOI (southern oscillation index) (think ENSO winds, not SSTs) is around 12 and slowly
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2002
      Great way of talking about it there, David.

      I notice with tonight's SOI (southern oscillation index) (think ENSO
      winds, not SSTs) is around 12 and slowly dropping but more of
      interest BOTH East and West in the trop Pac the BP rose . . . with
      the lowered solar activity.

      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, "David <b1blancer1@e...>"
      <b1blancer1@e...> wrote:
      > > Mike, OK where is this solar wind and where does it go to when it
      > shifts
      > > from North to South. Does it move toward earth from the Sun and
      > > to hit the earth in a more North or south spot which it then
      takes to go
      > > toward that pole?
      > I think I can answer this part. The solar wind, which is a stream
      > particles, carries a magnetic field along with it. Please do not
      > me how that works. I have no idea. Anyway, think of the solar wind
      > as a bunch of tiny bar magnets flying towards earth. Now, here's
      > where it may get a little confusing. The Earth's magnetic NORTH
      > is actually at the SOUTH geographic pole, as Mike said. So, if the
      > tiny little bar magnets of the solar wind strike Earth's magnetic
      > field with their NORTH pole pointing towards Earth's NORTH MAGNETIC
      > pole, which is actually the SOUTH geographic pole, they will have
      > same alignment as Earth's magnetic field, and have the effect of
      > reinforcing it. This will enhance Earth's protection against the
      > solar wind, and therefore supress geomagnetic activity.
      > However, if the solar wind arrives with its NORTH pole pointing
      > towards the Earth's SOUTH maagnetic pole, which is at the NORTH
      > geographic pole, they will be aligned OPPOSITE to Earth's magnetic
      > field. This will have the effect of weakening the magnetic field,
      > allow the solar wind to penetrate deeper into the magnetic field.
      > What happens then is that you have electrons accelerated down
      > magnetic field lines, which come crashing down at the poles. This
      > causes geomagnetic storm activity, and aurora.
      > The north or south pointing orientation can vary in intensity, and
      > measured in nano-Telsas.
      > Now, Those little solar wind magnets move around through three
      > dimensions, and can arrive end-on, or perpendicular to Earth's
      > magnetic field lines (therefore having no effect), or exactly
      > with Earth's magnetic field lines, or an infite number of
      > in between. There's a fairly complicated formula that is used to
      > calculate the net effect on Earth's magnetic field depending on the
      > exact three-dimensional magnetic orientation of the solar wind, and
      > the output of that formula is the IMF Orientation that you see in my
      > solar activity reports.
      > There, clear as concrete?
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