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[Methane Hydrate Club] Re: He passed.

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  • David
    ... True, the Christ part of the faith has only been around since Jesus walked the Earth. However, the Jewissh roots go back much, much further. ... the ...
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 4, 2002
      > You are not here writing about an earth 7,000 years old. The Christian
      > faith is much younger than this. Some find this a difficult thing to
      > resolve. In the end, I am probably more of a Kirkagaurdian Christian--
      > but, you know, if you meet Jesus 2,000 years ago and weren't a wine
      > drinker, more of a beer drinker like me, you may not have gone to the
      > same bars . . .

      True, the "Christ" part of the faith has only been around since Jesus
      walked the Earth. However, the Jewissh roots go back much, much further.

      > I am not familiar w/ theories of shorter term variability other then
      > one related to the sun's EMF.
      > However, Sagan's famous essay discussion centers around an early,
      > sun over huge timescales. As you may know, that was Sagan's field.
      > Anyway, he talked about how on billion year timescales the sun was 25%
      > less lumenous. The future faces a similar problem even before the red
      > giant phase.
      > What you are saying about variability only ADDS to my point. Namely
      > a chaotic system is inconsistant with our sun's behavior if climate is
      > steady as it is. IOW, you have changing input into a chaotic system it
      > is going to be even MORE crazy everywhere, when indeed there are
      > places, cold places and so forth. Modulation of chaotic inputs makes
      > much more sense if what we are discovering is MORE varied input. It
      > makes the modulation that much more critical.

      Climate may be relatively steady now, but history has shown it has
      been subject to some very wide variations. Antarctica was once a
      forest! One need only go back a few thousand years to fine 1/3 of the
      globe covered with ice. It wouldn't surprise me that the sun may have
      been significantly less luminous in its early life.
      > > <BR>
      > > > For instance, recently a microbe was <BR>
      > > > discovered that consumes (crude) oil and converts it to
      > > <BR>
      > > <BR>
      > > Converts it to electrons???  I don't think you meant that the way
      > > it<BR>
      > > came across!<BR>
      > I do need to re-look up this one. The notion I gather was that
      > collectively these microbes acted like biological fuel cells. I will
      > look this one up again.

      Ahhh, now that makes more sense! What you're saying is that the
      chemical reaction that the bacteria use to digest the oil generares an
      electrical current. Now that I could believe.

      > Bin Laden's and Husein's of the world exist but they do not have the
      > ability to hurt so many people. Bush scares me way more then these
      > And BTW, I was active in the military during desert 'shield', but I was
      > lucky to be inactivated as a reserve during the 'storm' part of it. In
      > my view Bush is wagging the dog bigtime and this is all about oil.

      Allright, I'll give you that. It MAY be at least partly about oil.
      The fact is that our nation is very dependent upon oil, be it right or
      wrong. Our economy, and many, many jobs, depend upon the free flow of
      oil. Take that away, and our nation is in big trouble.

      > The dam has holes in it for the mud, but this does not address how sed
      > and flow will alter the biological conditions in the oceans . . .

      The problem, however, is that much of the silt will begin to settle
      out far upstream from the dam, and never make it down that far. The
      top end of the resevoir could become comepletely choked off with it if
      it isn't removed somehow.
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