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EMF activity and Kyle

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  • Mike Doran
    That West African wave has significant EMF implications on Kyle. That is because when a land to ocean storm hits the oceans the ionosphere will be depleted of
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      That West African wave has significant EMF implications on Kyle. That
      is because when a land to ocean storm hits the oceans the ionosphere
      will be depleted of electrons above the storm and the capacitive
      dynamic favors negative EMF to ground. When the ocean is there
      instead that negative charge is distributed along the highly
      conductive thermohaline of the Gulf Stream and energizes the ITCZ w/
      the fair weather voltages of the equatorial waters.

      Interestingly, south of Kyle dry, fair weather areas support strong
      positive voltages to ground, while Kyle himself is EMF unstabile in
      his 'eye'.



      But this link is very dated and if you can't get it right after I
      post it is probably not going to show the near warm core strikes.

      Now, while Lili became EMF unstable and WEAKENED as back EMF from
      day to night caused dry air to be entrained w/out cirrus enhanced
      convection, Lili was well organized from an EMF standpoint and had
      benefitted from a blow up -- that occurred during a very strong earth
      directed CME.

      Kyle, OTOH, by heavy strike activity, is creating the positive ion
      concentrations above the area, yes, in an extra tropical manner, not
      centered by an EMF of negative voltages, but the region in the
      ionosphere above the storm becomes more positively charged. This
      enhances cirrus cloud attractions to this area.

      A real EMF problem would exist with Kyle if those strike voltages had
      no where to go. That is because the charge separations in the clouds
      I have been describing require a positive ion concentration on the
      surface to draw negative ions to the lower clouds. HOWEVER, given the
      fair weather voltages and the super conductivity of the Gulf Stream,
      those strike voltages most assuredly flow south through the Gulf
      Stream to the fair weather areas. This allows the storm to move north
      over water that remains positively charged and have an ionosphere
      that remains positively charged from strike depletion.

      The storm is further EMF defined by the Doran wave activity occurring
      between itself and the front. This activity has become much more
      significant than the further EMF activity in the W. GOM. So he is
      behaving, finally, like Alberto again, as I described in April. What
      I didn't know in April was HOW GAIA active the GOM was going to be.
      Anyway, the SOI is dropping a bit and that must mean the CME activity
      is slowing--but I haven't seen B-1's report yet tonight, so I will
      get this information to everyone when he reports.

      The EMF direction of this storm would appear to be along the Gulf
      Stream. It will survive the night because of the Africa wave, and
      probably will remain out to sea. I wouldn't be surprised if it
      becomes a CAT 1 out to sea and should bring some rain to the NE from
      Doran wave activity on the front, but that's about it. This is a very
      Gaia poor hydrology in the NE.

      The colder waters to the NW of the storm only aid it from an EMF
      standpoint. That is because coriolis forces acting on winds drawn to
      the surface lows will cause a curvature to the right, and the cold
      air means it falls toward the surface and brings surface currents and
      hence induction from east to west, that enhance an electron vector in
      and upward direction. This causes cirrus enhancement BIGTIME.

      This is exactly where the strongest winds from Kyle have been, to his

      This induction occurs just as he sits over warm waters that offer
      strong conductivity and convection possibilities. This storm will
      grow in intensity, despite a negative SOI--which is really and EMF
      event too far away from the EMF dynamic of Kyle to really
      significantly matter now.

      And I think I am starting to understand the induction connection
      better. If you have a fair weather area with a vector of electrons
      skyward, the protons to ground are going to flow quite strongly.
      This would mean that the ionsphere above would contain more net
      negative charges and hence be an ionospheric Doran wave adjacent to
      the area of convection. Does this make any sense to anyone?
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