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Rain in Redding over 1,000 miles from Lili

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  • Mike Doran
    http://www.weatherimages.org/data/imag87.html I observed a Doran wave from Lili that brought us clouds then rain the evening after the morning of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2002

      I observed a 'Doran' wave from Lili that brought us clouds then rain
      the evening after the morning of landfalling. It's one of the most
      unusual Doran waves I have seen so far. There is absolutely almost no
      strike activity from Lili itself but in the tornado alley after the
      dry strip there has been a snake like zone of strikes that at times
      is almost straight north south for, oh, 4-500 miles. Then there is
      snow in the Rockies and now rain here. That's one HELL of a EMF wave,
      if you ask me. We hadn't had rain here except for another
      landfalling storm like Lili, I forget which one, but that too had
      Doran wave implications as well.

      That night after the brief rains we had here the sky was clear and
      the stars out, twinkling. The little drizzle/rain cleared the
      California smog and I saw a meteor trace a quick line across the sky--
      like turning on one wire in your bread toaster for an instant.

      Last evening and night in contrast was a big nothing. On the same
      strike link for the first time there were no strikes anywhere. The
      SOI read 27 neg.

      . . .

      There is an experiment that you can make, perhaps it is one that I
      did as a kid on a Radio Shaak 1000 in one kits, that involves a
      concept called BACK EMF. Any Electrical Engineer can tell you about
      it, and it is interesting on a particle level, too, if you want to
      talk about the physics. Anyway, what it involves is INDUCTION and
      what happens, counterintuitively, when currents that are causing an
      induction pattern stop flowing. The classic simple experiment
      involves an inducter coil, a battery and a light bulb. When the bulb
      is connected in series with the inductor and the bulb and a resister
      there isn't enough current to turn the bulb on, but when the
      connection to the battery is placed open, the stored EMF in the
      inductor coil is enough to light the bulb for an instant.

      My view is the last three weeks Izzy, Lili, and Kyle represented EMF
      activity in the N. Atlantic and Carribean/GOM that was supplying a
      current to the region where inductive processes took place as well,
      extending out into the warm tropical waters of the Pacific where ENSO
      occurs, and where we have our so-called SOI reading. My view is also
      that when after Lili landfell we had a sort a double impact of the
      storm ending and flaring/CME activity ending. Indeed, at a micro
      level, BACK EMF is probably what caused the eyewall fo Lili to

      If you were watching with us realtime just before she landfell there
      was strike activity in the eye and strike activity in a tropical
      storm, much less at the eye, is rare. Indeed, the EMF
      characteristics of a healthy eye include a strong concentration of
      negitive ions above it in the ionosphere, and strike and elve and
      sprite activity which would deplete the eye of those concentrations
      would upset the dynamic that enhances cirrus about the core of the
      storm via attracted positive concentrations in the ionosphere.

      When the sun went down on Lili before landfall, currents created by
      convection and a heated ionosphere from solar activity were altered.
      It is like the Radio Shaak experiement of taking your battery off an
      inductor. And a hurricane is quite an inducting machine. 145 mph
      winds on the north side of the storm cause the most conductive
      surface of the ocean to move relative to fields organized by the
      earth's EMF, and that causes and upward vector of current. Likewise,
      the ionosphere heating then contracting causes an upward vector of
      electrical current in the ionosphere. Now, the day was done and the
      battery uncoupled, and back EMF processes began to occur. At a sub
      atomic level, orbitals shifted, and they shifted in mass, a
      cumulative movement that caused huge voltage shifts in the eye and
      energies strong enough to short through the insulative barriors of
      air above the clouds to the conductive ionosphere and below them to
      the conductive oceans.

      Lili began to entrain dry air, so said the experts. But what they
      didn't understand is that Lili was more then just a vacuum of low
      pressure but an electrical phenomenon that created its own moist air
      provided it had a healthy EMF inducting currents and causing a
      concentration of negitive charge above the eye . . .

      While the EMF dynamic that created Lili was therefore in poor health,
      and she weakened 45 mph and rose in pressure before landfall, she was
      still a strong hurricane with all the EMF characteristics. That
      means that cirrus clouds were very high below very strong positive
      voltages in the ionosphere. This did not show up in strikes in the
      storm itself, and indeed only the biologically active areas such as
      the W. Keys and breifly near the Mississippi delta was there much
      nearby strike activity.

      But hundreds of miles away in tornado alley the self named Doran wave
      was making very clear the EMF potential in Lili. Because what
      happens with the elve and sprite activity is the ionosphere has such
      a huge positive charge that opposite signed electrons flow with great
      potential toward it from surrounding upper atmosphere, and a so
      called "dry strip" or ionosphere depleted of negitive ions forms. In
      a wave type manner, this attracted and organized just the opposit
      over tornado alley, and a 4-500 mile line of strikes could be
      observed there, where concentrations of electrons moved from the
      ionosphere to cloud to ground and convective processes allowed this
      to occur. Then there was another dry strip and over the Rockies a
      snow storm raged in a line that paralleled the line of strikes.
      While EMF was not as clearly seen in that storm via strikes, with the
      mountains it should be understood that they are closer to the
      ionosphere and the thinner air is not as insulating between cloud and
      ground, ionosphere and cloud. The 'shorts' are not as difficult and
      snow itself is like cirrus--frozen water, where charge separations
      can come in a different manner to ground. Then finally another dry
      strip, where fair weather voltages could come to ground, and the
      ionosphere was depleted of electons, and then there was the rain in
      Redding California, well over a thousand miles from the landfalling

      Meanwhile, in the tropical Pacific the CME/flaring was distributing
      protons uniformly across the ocean and not in a concentrated manner
      by induction and coriolis to the western half of the ocean. This
      type of EMF dynamic favored a negitive SOI wind being expressed by
      the resulting infrared behavior of the forming clouds, and little or
      nothing from an EMF standpoint was coming from nearby waters like the
      E. Pacific or Carribean or even the GOM or Atlantic to alter the
      induction processes. Indeed, if anything, back EMF was causing there
      to be EMF that aided a neg SOI.
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