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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Hurricane Gustav

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  • foryeshua1@juno.com
    Doran, If you take the right hand rule of direct current flow and place your hand in a position under it from the earth to give the twist which you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2002
      Doran, If you take the right hand rule of direct current flow and place
      your hand in a position under it from the earth to give the twist which
      you are crediting Coriolis force, you will find that a current moving
      through the conducting moisture you observe would give it the same
      movement. You will also find that if a current is flowing through it and
      up into jet streams above it, that it is likely that where the current is
      coming from is where you are crediting the affect that this storm has is
      coming from. This is the way that I envision weather and currents of
      conveyor belt fame are moved by the South to North flow of the Solar
      Electrojet Current (SE). The dry positive behind these spaces is caused
      by the extra pressure of the SE as it takes from the surrounding area of
      its flow channel and leaves a little extra to turn back over its path as
      a sort of lee backwash. Walter

      On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:58:35 -0000 "Mike Doran" <mike@...>

      If you look at the strike and cloud visuals together, what you see is
      an undeniable pattern in the Gulf Stream. Understand this is the
      warmest water in the area, as the gyre, moved by coriolis forces,
      brings a lane of warm waters from the tropics. The Stream is about
      100 times as large as the flow at the Amazon delta, and a man on a
      raft off the coast of Florida could drift 100 miles a day on it.

      And electrically, it is incredible. It swallowed up the cold front
      EMF like it was NOTHING.

      The warmer a saline conducter like the Gulf Stream, the BETTER it
      conducts a current. Therefore, since tropical storms are point EMFs
      in the ionosphere and cirrus cloud patterns that follow and move
      electrically, those "Doran" waves (or whatever you want to call them)
      of EMF that expand outward from the center of a storm like Gustav is
      going to create dry strips proximate to it. South of the storm--IN
      THE GULF STREAM, is exactly that kind of dry air. This dry air is EMF
      significant because it denotes positive voltages to ground!!!!!!

      Anyway, while it is true Gustav will not be a hurricane for a long
      time because it will become extratropical soon--this thought misses
      the climate and weather EMF significance of a strong storm at the
      cooling end of the Gulf Stream, in that it has Doran wave properties
      that reverberate all the way back to the Cape Verde islands!

      So far as predicted here in on April 1, a tropical season shifted
      later and heavy.

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