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More Bio 101 for Meteorologists

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  • pawnfart
    Amino Acides and Nucleic Acid Bases are Prominent Products under Prebiotic Conditions From my UCLA extension Micro Biology text, page 1051 (Molecular Cell
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2002
      Amino Acides and Nucleic Acid Bases are Prominent Products under
      Prebiotic Conditions

      From my UCLA extension Micro Biology text, page 1051 (Molecular Cell
      Biology, Second Ed., Darnell, Dodish and Baltimore, Sci Am Books, WH
      Freeman, NY, 1990):

      "In an attempt to synthesize biologically important compounds under
      possible prebiotic conditionsa, Stanley Miller a student of Harold
      Urey, mixed hydrogen, methane and amonia (in the ration 1:2:2) with
      water ina closed, evacuated reflux vessel [figure omitted]. The
      gaseous mixture, which simulated one hypothetical version of the
      early atmosphere, was continously exposed to electric discharges."

      What I would add is that pre-biotic chemistry, without Gaia feedbacks
      to modulate earth EMFs, where the core was much hotter and more
      condutive, would have faced, as its greatest chaotic input,
      tremendious levels of EMFs.

      "When the water phase (the "ocean") was examined, more than 10
      percent of the carbon from teh methane was included in organic
      molecules such as amino acides. Glycine, alanin, aspartic acid,
      valine, and leucine (in both D- and L-froms) were clearly identified
      among the products. Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), aldehydes, and cyno
      compounds [formula omitted due to type case limitations], were also
      present, and these could have been important intermediates in the
      formation for amino acides and nucleic acid bases [figure omitted].
      These latter compounds can be formed also under mildly reducing
      Many different reaction conditions that mimic plausible prebiotic
      conditions can lead to the synthesis of amino acids and nucleic acid
      basies. Of particular interest are experiments showing that simple
      prebiotic compounds (the carbon- and nitrogen-contaning compoutns
      mentioned above and H2S) plus ultraviolet light as in energy source
      yield gylycine, alanin, serine, glutamic acid, and asperparagin. UV
      light is a much more abundant source of energy than lightning, which
      was simulated in the Miller experiments . Also, the sucesswith
      mixtures of N2, Co2 or Co, and H2 suggests that the synthesis was
      possible even if methane and amounia were scare.
      Purines, and to a much lesser extent pyrimidens, can form whe HCN and
      cyanoacetylene [formulat omitted for type case limitations] are
      present in the gas phase of the spark-discharge experinments. HCN is
      reactive in the presense of UV light alone, and purines can be
      regarded as condesation products of five HCN molecules, although the
      route of synthesis is still not certain [figure omitted]. Adenine was
      found to be prominent produce of simulated prebiotic synthesis
      reactions. In fact, even ATP can form in low yeild udner prebiotci
      conditions, especially in the prebiotic conditions, epsciallly in th
      epresense of the common minderal apatite (calcium phosphate)."

      I would add that in pre-modulated or pre Gaia conditions, the EMF of
      the lower ionosphere would not have been so modulated as it is today,
      and therefore UV light would have been common.



      "After an angry debate among parents, Georgia's second-largest school
      district adopted a policy last night that requires teachers to give
      a "balanced education" about the origin of life, giving equal weight
      to evolution and biblical interpretations.


      Board members said they were not restricting the teaching of
      evolution or encouraging the teaching of creationism. The policy,
      they said, was simply a reflection of the district's philosophy of
      teaching a wide and objective range of ideas, particularly in
      discussing "disputed views of academic subjects, including the origin
      of species."

      . . .

      After the vote, Gordon O'Neill, a board member, led his colleagues in
      a prayer: "Heavenly father, we ask that you provide to all of us a
      clear understanding of our fellow man and an acceptance of a
      diversity of thinking. Amen."

      Cobb County was also the only county in GA the Olympic Torch didn't
      pass through before the '96 Olympics in Atlanta.

      Before EMF feedbacks as to cirrus occurred the Archae had way more to
      worry about than just astroids. Volcanoes, extreme surface cold--on
      and on. Places we think of as extreme likely offered relative
      chemical and temperature stability. I would guess that the largest
      threat to RNA stability for early life was high voltage EMF and UV
      light--as they created life from the primordial chemsitry they could
      destroy it. In highly saline, or sulfurous waters, there would have
      been some buffering. Plus Doran waves would have occurred naturally
      from these formations. Or DEEP in the earth where fields would have
      been grounded. Also, before Gaia kicked in the places of hydrology,
      not modulated, would have kicked in a lot of chemistry harmful to
      life. It would have been better to be near a salt lake or a sulpur
      pool with little rain and natural Doran wave activity--so no new crap
      that was chemically harmful flowed in. Methanogens would have been
      able to produce positive feedbacks that washed, even roughly,
      hydrology back to them, because the the deep waters where they
      resided would have been volumious enough to buffer the poor chemistry
      for their existance.

      I think that Gaia ideas respecting climate are at some point going to
      be very important for abiogenesis theory--just as they are important
      for our ability to predict climate. I also think that creationist's
      views are primative.
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