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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Solar Activity Report for 8/7/02

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  • b1blancer_29501
    ... He has a ... same. ... times the ... earth ... . It is ... years. ... life for ... hour ... I m afraid your new friend has been badly mislead. To put it
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 15 10:08 PM
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      > Listen guys and gals, I met a guy in a laundry last week.
      He has a
      > background in electrical equipment and is interested in phenomena of
      > He related to me that NASA is tracking and studying a planet three
      times the
      > size of earth that is cycling around and is scheduled to come by our
      > around January. It is named Planet X and can be found at PlanetX.com
      . It is
      > supposed to have an excentric orbit which brings it by every 33,000
      > He said his sister is going to make a bomb shelter that can sustain
      life for
      > almost a year, so she and friends can make through the 200 mile per
      > winds that are predicted.

      I'm afraid your new friend has been badly mislead. To put it more
      bluntly, he has fallen victim to a hoax. There is no Planet X, or at
      least certainly not one that is going to cross Earth's orbit in
      January. Think about it. If there really was an object 3 times
      Earth's size that was that close, don't you think it would have been
      noticed by many people by now? People all over the world would be
      seeing it. There would be a panic on a global scale. It would be
      impossible to cover something like that up. Let him waste his time
      building his bomb shelter if he wants to. The whole idea is rediculous.

      > I got to thinking about this problem. It has occured to me
      > moving our planet out of the way of the path of this danger would be
      > useful. As I have considered the results us spinning the earth
      faster I have
      > concentrated on the possibities of earth shape change and resultant
      > destructions.

      Do you have any idea how much energy that would take? What you
      suggest is absolutely impossible.
    • b1blancer_29501
      Oh, and take a look at www.planetx.com. I think you ll find it isn t exactly as it was represented to you.
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 15 10:09 PM
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        Oh, and take a look at www.planetx.com. I think you'll find it isn't
        exactly as it was represented to you.
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