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Re: Explanation please (boik, pawn, fred)

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  • pawleewurx
    first of all to Mr. Boik, hello neighbor! i share your inquiry from down here in Decatur IL as it has been hot, dry and extremely uneventful. looking at how
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 15, 2002
      first of all to Mr. Boik, hello neighbor! i share your inquiry from
      down here in Decatur IL as it has been hot, dry and extremely
      uneventful. looking at how this year has panned out overall compared
      to last across the nation, it almost seems identical only this time
      around "allison" has struck W TX versus the gulf coast (there's a
      point to ponder!). the W wildfires i guess you could say are
      the "wildcard" but the W only got to this point this year because of
      a dry year last as well and this time around the landscape finally
      hit her flash point. it seems that after the extreme activity of 1998
      around here, 1999 through 2001 has progressively slowed down. if you
      go to http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ilx/torn.htm and have a look at the
      number of tornado reports for each year (though this is not
      necessarily an appropriate measure of overall wx activity), there is
      definitely a pattern going on. the question for us i think is i
      wonder if 2002 being the most quiet year yet is the bottom and we
      will begin picking up in activity or if it will be even more quiet.
      October 24, 2001 was indeed an anomoly for as you may recall, the NWS
      issued a PDS warning for our region which was most unusual for the
      time of year but did culminate in an F2 over Monticello causing a
      great deal of damage not to mention regional straightline wind damage
      reports. days like those don't necessarily factor into the big
      picture but i say even though "all's quiet here", i don't think any
      of us should let our guard down. i have noticed that our daily
      temperatures ranges for our region despite it being July have been
      fluxtuating dramatically between daytime highs and nighttime lows.
      that to me is something to pay attention to because last year i don't
      recall that occurring too much through July even though it may be an
      insignificant factor and i am having one of those "Bill Paxton i can
      talk to tornado moments" LOL!. in all seriousness though considering
      that S IL got slammed in April and May with heavy heavy rain as well
      as damaging winds and then N IL has had quite a few doozies through
      June and the early part of July, my hunch is that we'll get ours yet,
      it's just a matter of time. last year during those same times we had
      a number of "training" storms causing a good deal of localized
      flooding over my part of Central IL whereas this year we haven't.
      time will tell but nature always balances herself over every area
      eventually, it's just all a matter of where and when... best regards!


      --- In methanehydrateclub@y..., "Ed Boik" <eboik@c...> wrote:
      > Could someone here please explain the summer pattern of late in the
      > Mid-west. For about 2-3 weeks, nothing but hot, humid and dry.
      > to that it was cool and fairly wet.
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