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Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] A Gaia spin on Tornadoes

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  • foryeshua1@juno.com
    Pawn, It takes a while for me to find out where you or anyone else is. One thing that would help me immensely would be for you to give me a definition of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2002
      Pawn, It takes a while for me to find out where you or anyone else is.
      One thing that would help me immensely would be for you to give me a
      definition of every one of these technical names you use. I realize that
      you see a great deal of things going on behind and in cause of each one,
      but if I am to understand what essentially you are talking about I need
      to have a fast and as complete an understanding of what you are referring
      to. You see I find your picture of what is going on extremely
      partitioned off in each area of each concept that you are using to define
      the reactions that you see going on. I believe that a tornado twists
      because SE electrical current is moving according to the right hand rule.
      The source of the current is from the Sun, out through space, around and
      up through all the planets in our system. The SE causes the earth to
      turn. It heats up the center of our earth just as it heats up the center
      of the Sun. Just as the same current heats up the center of our Solar
      system. And the right hand rule is operating as the same current turns
      the clouds surrounding the spewing out of the same current through its
      cannon (Osirris I believe is the name)in the center of our Galaxy. In
      this place as it rips through the center it compresses and forces through
      the center a huge amount of current, and its eddy currents around this
      center is where new Suns are being formed. You see if the source of the
      power you are talking about is only a series of small beads, each somehow
      connected to the reactions of the next bead, you are constantly concerned
      about how these beads are held together. And really none of the beads
      behavior are connected in a way that makes sense to seeing the connection
      force in action conceptually. There IS a string that runs through the
      beads. That string holds them together and their actions are oriented by
      the string. So the SE orients the whole behavior of and the orientation
      of every sun in existence. When trying to describe what is happening to
      a tornado, we need to think about the conductive and insulative factors
      in play as the SE tries to flow through. Why does it jump over roads?
      Because they are insulative. Any time the flowing of the SE is inhibited
      by an insulated spot in its path it will swerve toward any source of its
      own conductance that it there. If there is no such immediate source it
      will jump up in order to get current from a wide surrounding area. It
      jumps up because the vectors of the sources of the SE will always take
      the simplest path of flow between where it is coming from and where it is
      going to. Controlling where tornados strike can be easily controlled in
      places you don't want destroyed. Small towns that have been struck all to
      often can be protected by putting a path of excellent conductance a water
      pipe well grounded to sea level if you want to be sure it will work, in
      the center of a freeway playground, or a path around the town will short
      circuit SE pathways around the moist low, well conductive spots that it
      will always follow IF there is no better path provided. Everything about
      the spinning nature of storms is due to the conductance of SE defined in
      direction of turn by the right hand rule. Hurricanes twist in the right
      direction for SE to be moving up through them to Jet streams forming
      above them. Hurricanes build in water volume by the evaporative power of
      the SE, and they don't rain out until land provides lightening bolts of
      such strength that its charges can be changed in paths of SE discharge
      through them. Every pushing,(shifting of the poles) twisting, phenomena,
      the turning of the earth, swirling of a Hurricane, twisting of a tornado
      or water spout, all are responding to the right hand rule as the SE flows
      through or tries to flow through given the insulations in place at the
      time. Walter

      On Sat, 06 Jul 2002 08:02:21 -0000 "pawnfart" <mike@...> writes:

      If there is a jet stream creating very unstable air, or, in the case
      of Texas, what I call electrical shorts in the Doran waves, an area
      of convection can find itself alone in the very positively charged,
      from ionosphere to earth, zone or strip. If that occurs the top of
      the storm is going to have a hard time finding electrons in the lower
      ionosphere unless the cloud tops carry a very strong positive charge.
      Once that occurs, however, you may see a spinning behavior. Why?
      Because the storm itself is not in a line to organize EMF and hence
      by seeking it out w/ a spin, as opposites attract, it moves more
      charged ions. The payback for the ion movements? More cirrus, moved
      to better IR balances in the same spinning manner.

      Why won't a tornado cross a river or why do they love mobile homes?

      I visited Moore Oklahoma in 1999. It was only an hour and a half or
      so away from my brother and sister in Tulsa. Anyway, there was this
      path of destruction through a residential suburban area--about, oh,
      3/4 mile wide, maybe less, but no less then a half mile wide. Homes
      ripped off their foundations with only the bathtubs left--that kind
      of thing. Then the tornado path came to this parking lot and this
      huge church with LOTS of glass. Not a scratch on that building.
      Amazing. Now, was that Jesus, or was that a different EMF between
      parking lot and church and residential homes? Let me get in my Fox TV
      voice, "We distort, you decide!". Or how about my scientific dogma
      voice, "Tornadoes liking trailor homes is a MYTH!!!"

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