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Doran waves and Texas flooding

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  • pawnfart
    http://www.weatherimages.org/data/imag87.html Above, the strike/radar link. Whenever a thunderstorm starts forming, the part of forming clouds near the ground
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002

      Above, the strike/radar link.

      Whenever a thunderstorm starts forming, the part of forming clouds
      near the ground becomes more and more - charged--when there is a good
      dry line or dry area w/ + charges on the ground. The cloud's ions
      then begin to move and organize to the positive charges. To the top
      of the cloud, with electrons taken away, it becomes - charged. Some
      of the EMF dynamic of thunderstorms are not well understood, but it
      is well known that generally the lower part of the cloud carries a -
      charged and the top, a + positive charge.

      What happens next is connected to the ionosphere. There, in the lower
      ionsphere above a + charge in the cloud top, a pool of - charges are
      attracted to it. Opposits attract is the adage. Because the charges
      in the higher clouds tend to be seperated by cirrus clouds or tiny
      ice crystals, at some point the EMF forces involved begin to oppose
      the force of gravity on these crystals, and as this happens, the
      infrared balances that make up the cloud dynamic changes.

      The change feedbacks convection and the process continues until the
      EMF balance back. Strikes are one way that this can occur. What
      happens is that the + surface and - lower clouds connect and the -
      changes are take from the cloud. The cloud then becomes SO +,
      especially to its top, that there is enough potential between the
      lower ionosphere, and the electrons accumulating there and the that
      post strike cloud. Sprites and elves rebalances the EMF forces.

      But strangely, this results in cirrus clouds which have a relatively
      - charge compared to the ionosphere, and an ionosphere which in
      general has lost its - charges. That is why the lower ionosphere is
      generally speaking carrying a positive charge. That positive charge
      relative to the remaining cirrus produces IR balances which are
      warmer than if the cloud dynamic were otherwise.

      Texas flooding (is) was interesting because of the Doran waves that
      started in Florida in June, which soon propagated toward the best +
      EMF source--the Sea of Cortez, given the terrible Gaia conditions
      there. Also, w/ US temperatures so warm and the Three Gorge/Yangtze
      problem temperarily abated, thunderstorm conditions are ripe in the
      US, excepting, of course, the SW. SSTs are very warm in the GOM and
      cold in the E. Pac near S. California.

      The Doran waves are then finding good conditions moving from the
      W.GOM to the E. Pac/Sea of Cortez, AND thunderstorms across the land
      tend to line up dry strip and cirrus enhanced strip (wet). Positive
      voltages move from ionosphere to ground in the dry or fair weather
      areas at a clip of 250 v. meter squared and if there are aspects
      about this dynamic that belong to the terresphere circuitry, it could
      be even more. And the strikes, of course, are - to ground as we speak
      from trouph to valley of these EMF pulses.

      The key w/ Texas is how the strips of relative charges line up--right
      now all the way to Canada, it appears. These lines are going to then
      organize charges very strongly because where there is strikes they
      tend to line up and reinforce the EMF feilds. W/ all the thunderstorm
      activity, Texas is getting the EMF extremes to go with tropical flows
      of air.

      From a tropical storm standpoint, however, it will mean nothing for
      the GOM this year, IMHO, until much later and then it will be too
      late for them to do much, if they aren't remnants becoming extra-
      tropical. The biology EMF part of the Mississippi and West Keys Black
      Algae bloom is now spent.

      What happens next is perhaps an "echo" of the biosphere as the rains
      in the SE and in Texas wash into the oceans and present further
      biological conditions. But these enhancements have lost their
      centering ability, and probably won't do too much.

      I would also point out that w/ have had a mostly - SOI timed to when
      Gaia would go active enough for a tropical storm--that causes
      shearing and won't hurt a dynamic that is orginized in lines of EMF
      features, but it does hurt a tropical storm.

      I would also point out that in watching the Doran waves from the W.
      GOM to Texas and then to N. Mexico, usually in lines extending far
      north, I have seen several "shorts"--there were extremes of EMF,
      strikes, in portions of the waves and then small storms and small
      areas of strikes connecting them, where w/ almost no cloud cover
      other then right next to those strikes, and that is where I have
      heard the reports of the most severe weather . . .
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