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  • pawnfart
    Mar 15, 2002
      Read this:


      And see if you can follow me. 30,000 dams have been constructed in
      Asia since WWII. Now they are building Three Gorge and they have
      moved millions of people from the flood plain of the dam to the
      delta. Since the 1980s the Chinese have not released sed and flow
      from the Yangtze--because the delta has been so altered. This fall we
      had a bit of a break from the lack of sedimentation and flow due to
      tropical storms and floods there, and that literally meant the severe
      drought here in the Pac NW eased. But for the Great Lakes, levels of
      the lake remain at or near record lows.

      My family in Minnesota, some of them in the business of snow plowing,
      tell me it has been very warm with only four good snow falls. This is
      becoming typical. The Mississippi, meanwhile, is finding
      sedimentation very high. 25 square miles of the Mississippi delta are
      now lost to the GOM every year and if you look at SST anomalies, it
      gets warm near the delta early in the spring now. The electrical
      insulation is very good and the waters warm and the western GOM
      inducting electrons to the sky and enhancing cirrus. But on the East
      Coast, like Maine, you see black cold anomalies.



      Why? Because nothing is flowing from the Great Lakes. Because dams
      take up the rest. Because of human use as described in this article.
      Because of dams in West Africa, Venezuela w/ the Orinoco, Brazil with
      the Amazon. The seasons have shifted and the oceans and Gulf Stream
      is salty and warm but without the same winds to blow it north. The
      warm, salty waters sink into the North Atlantic under the Gulf Stream
      and the counter current takes this warm water off NE coast in the
      deep waters, and relatively melts the hydrate fields. The hydrates do
      not get new biological help from the eastern rivers, and cirrus
      clouds are not enhanced. This causes cold SSTs which further is met
      with upwellings, especially with the salty waters dropping in the
      region and density issues. This cold, uninsulated area of ocean is
      electrically horrible on cirrus, and it makes convection very
      difficult. It will only get worse. In my view, the late wintertime,
      early spring time cold SST anomalies in the Atlantic and Pacific will
      continue. Part of it is due to the dams but also the higher erosion
      rates are starting to kick in as well and where the
      methanogen/hydrate activity can exist further south, it is going very
      strong, which then prevents Gaia from feeding back more ambiant
      conditions from things like flaring, but it become more patterned.
      Extremes. Floods and droughts. It is biology attempting to modulate
      gone haywire.