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  • Pawnfart
    Nov 5, 2001
      I am a scientist, not a "believer". I even have
      difficulty with God. And if you took a look at that paper,
      the SSTs arent the only thing in his munipulated data
      set--he forgets to mention direction of current--which is
      EAST for the equatorial and WEST for the north and
      south equatorials. There is your explaination. You need
      to think it over.<br><br>On Michelle. That high
      piled warm waters along the Florida coast. These warm
      salt waters are going to have a higher specific
      conductivity than colder salt waters. This is hard, testible
      science. If you don't agree get some saltwater and
      electrons and microwave the water and test again. Warm salt
      water will induct a current better, and hold it better,
      and the electrical surface makes the ionosphere more
      positively charge and enhances cirrus. OTOH, colder waters
      will be more positively charged and will attract
      negitive charges in the ionosphere and repell
      cirrus.<br><br>Now, the reason I bring this up is the convection from
      Michelle is all to Florida's side of the eye, which looks
      like it is dry and HUGE. You have very cold cold
      waters on the surface and nothing is conducting and we
      have some pretty dramatic flaring conditions right now
      according to B-1 and there is a strong electron stream with
      that proton stream--coming from the sun. When these
      particles get sorted in the ionosphere and magnesphere,
      SSTs play a HUGE role. At the end of the day, seasonal
      problems with tropical activity are all about cold SSTs
      because the eye gets too big from too much of a positive
      charge in the "eye" and you can't form a convective
      high. Pinhole eyes, OTOH, have HUGE positive charges
      but SO much convection near the center that there is
      massive pressures, electrical and thermal--this requires
      VERY warm SSTs so that specific conductivity can
      handle the electrical currents involved.
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