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Hurricane predictions and Solar orbitals

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      It is pretty amazing to see what is never questionned and beautiful
      to know there are people who devote their time to uncovering some of
      the pieces, rather than creating a maze of them in political agendas.

      Although I have noticed geomagnetic fluctuations with near earth
      asteroids crossing earths path, in my research in that near sun
      bodies and solar events/fades during these passbys, bring more
      realization/energies into everyday life. I guess people have been a
      little bit more interested in researching asteroid Apophis 2004 MN4
      in 2036!?

      It's suprising most do not realize or they tend to think it's a silly
      idea that planets and other even smaller mass orbitals crossing earth
      and our suns path could bring such global dynamics. Instead, most
      focus on this Apophis collision that is by far, NOT the closest
      asteroid to orbit the earth and seems to be of no danger according to
      the JPL asteroid simulator!

      For this passing year of 2006, I collected as many documented orbits
      of Near sun/earth asteroids I could possibly find to current date. In
      my research and I have only included orbits that I assume to be
      reasonbly close in orbit to sun/earth and those of the larger
      magnitudes only. Some smaller asteroids extremely close like
      Asteroid 2004 XP14 on July 3, 2006 at a minimal earth distance of =
      0.002892 AU and 410 - 920m in size are documented in my studies.

      With this information I have been able to see a large pattern between
      geomagnetic effects and storms occurring here on earth. Although I
      have yet to learn about secular coordinates of these near orbiting
      asteroids.. when the solar wind is directed earthward, the pattern is
      pretty evident with the seasonal values taken into consideration.
      Seemingly predictable for my lack computational skills.

      If you're interested, a partial collection of 2006 near earth/sun
      events and my predictions can be seen here...

      This next link - http://www.huphup.com/wiki/index.php?-2006- is a
      collection of predictions I made sometimes many months before the
      dates occured. Unfortunately it is kind of an unorganised collection.
      I based my long range predictions on the near sun and earth asteroid
      events posted at www.subquanta.com. These events are also calculated
      pretty far into the future at http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/ca :)
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