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2601Solar Activity Report for 2/7/06

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  • David
    Feb 7, 2006
      For the 9th day in a row, the sun has no visible sunspots. Time will
      tell, but I'm really wondering if we aren't seeing the solar minimum
      coming early. For whatever reason, the sun had a tendency to fire off
      a big flare right at solar minimum. If we get one sometime in the
      next several weeks, the argument will be even more compelling. For
      now, however, the most significant thing is a coronal hole which has
      rotated into an Earth-pointing position. We should see some solar
      wind gusts arriving in the next 72 hours or so.

      The current solar and geomagnetic conditions are :

      NOAA sunspot number : 0
      SFI : 74
      A index : 4
      K index : 2

      Solar wind speed : 316.3 km/sec
      Solar wind density : 3.3 protons/cc
      Solar wind pressure : 0.6 nPa

      IMF : 2.4 nT
      IMF Orientation : 1.7 nT South

      GOES-12 Background X-ray Flux : A0

      Conditions for the last 24 hours :
      No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.

      Forecast for the next 24 hours
      No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours.

      Solar activity forecast :
      Solar activity is expected to remain very low.

      Geomagnetic activity forecast :
      The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly quiet for the next
      three days (08-10 February).

      Recent significant solar flare activity :