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2527Re: Solar Activity Report for 8/11/05

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  • David
    Aug 21, 2005
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      > I asked that coronal hole question to a well regarded SEC solar
      > expert years ago. She said she did not have the answer. Well if the
      > aurora was not seen for decades in the northern latitudes during the
      > Maunder minimum then the coronal holes had to have been absent
      > during the lulls.

      Even a blank sun can have a coronal hole make an appearance, as we've
      seen, so I'll assume they were around during the Maunder Minimum.
      Then again, there was obviously something odd happening to suppress
      the sunspots to such a degree for a long (from our perspective) period
      of time, so who knows?

      > Now I know you can have very low geomagnetic activity...like the
      > latest ...with some fairly strong 700 km/sec winds but something odd
      > would have to happen with the IMF-earth's magnetic field for us to
      > have no high latitude storming everyone once in a while.


      > People may not have known what the northern lights actually wereback
      > then but they were written about all the time. I have a book with
      > historical sightings that goes back several centuries...with
      > specific dates.. for the big ones
      > Now if you believe like I have for quite some time and some recent
      > papers are saying that the changes in the pole's polarities are
      > related to the cyclical nature of their presence...espeically
      > around maximum..when the poles reverse polarities (10/99-5/2000 C-
      > hole one example) than this would make sense.
      > I would imagine that the poles must get extremely weak...magnetic
      > wise... or one pole completely dominates over the other and you
      > almost just have one polarity.

      I dunno, maybe. Or, the solar magnetic field could become really
      convoluted with north and south poles popping up in all sorts of odd
      places until it settles down into the new polarity.
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