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2517Re: Solar Activity Report for 8/11/05

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  • David
    Aug 20, 2005
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      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, space1weather
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > In this case I was referring to a specific area of the world that
      > seems to be affected during the presence of certain space weather
      > variables when certain atmopsheric oceanic teleconnections are in
      > place.
      > Steering currents...trough ..ridge etc...Where will the Bermuda high
      > be?

      If this is true, it just made things a whole lot more complicated. On
      a global scale, we know that an absence of sunspots, even for a
      relatively short time, can cause a striking effect. From what I've
      seen, though, I don't believe coronal hole frequency changes with the
      sunspot cycles.

      > The Baranyi paper talks about the importance of different magnetic
      > field vectors etc...and it's relationship with corpuscular radiaton.
      > Everywhere is not effected the same. This has always been my thought
      > also.

      I hadn't really thought about it in that way before, but I could see
      the possibility.

      Okay, so if we have a case of different parts of the world being
      affected in different ways by a high-speed solar wind, would the same
      hold true for CME impacts and solar radiation storms?
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