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2506Re: Solar Activity Report for 8/11/05

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  • David
    Aug 16, 2005
      I think I understand what you're getting at, Jim, and we're actually
      talking about two different things. What I was talking about is
      overall solar activity associated with the solar max. If I understand
      you correctly, you're talking about coronal holes in particular.

      However, I'm still confused. You'll have more days of high solar wind
      speed with the solar max than with the bottom of the cycle.
      Therefore, it would seem that the connection between higher solar
      activity and higher terrestrial temps would still work. As far as the
      Earth is concerned, a high solar wind speed is a high solar wind
      speed, no matter if the speedy wind is coming from a coronal hole or
      the most recent really impressive X-class flare. That being the case,
      I don't see how a high speed solar wind from a coronal hole can cause
      cooling, while an active sun causes warming.

      Unless you're saying that the overall increase in solar energy output
      of an active sun is enough to offset the effect of the high-speed wind??
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