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2497Re: Solar Activity Report for 8/11/05

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  • David
    Aug 12, 2005
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      > Think of it this way. When the oceans are roiled they lose their
      > carbination--like a flat beer.

      I'll have a Guiness, if it's OK with you. :-)

      > This time of year this kind of SOI reading means an increased
      > probability of formation of a tropical storm. I predicted a storm to
      > the Carolinas on March 31 right here and I think I should keep to my
      > forecast. However, there are a number of signs that it may run a
      > little further north. Either way Carolinas get substantial
      > rainfall. Irene is going to be interesting to watch.

      If Irene follows the currently projected track, she'll miss us. The
      Outer Banks may get a light brush of wind, but nothing bad. Looks
      like we dodged the bullet...this time.
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