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2494Re: Shy Elf

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  • space1weather
    Aug 11, 2005
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      I would tend to agree with David. I think he got it wrong. It's the
      low level clouds and their albedo that reflect it back out. There by
      cooler temps...Been reading your stuff. Trying to do to many things
      at once. Also trying to just sit back and think about everything. It
      helps some times.

      BTW not to sure if you ever saw my posts at Storm2k about these two
      papers. They are gems.


      "Influence of solar wind on the Global electric circuit and Infared
      effects on cloud microphysics,temperatures, and dynamics in the


      Boberg and Lundscedt

      "Solar wind electric field modulation of the NAO: A correlation
      analysis in the lower atmosphere"


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