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2440Solar Activity Report for 4/30/05

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  • David
    Apr 30, 2005
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      ** G-1 Geomagnetic Storm In Progress **
      **Aurora Watch In Effect **

      The arrival of the CME I mentioned in my last report and a high speed
      coronal hole solar wind stream have combined to produce G-1
      geomagnetic storm conditions. Thusfar, no aurora sightins have been
      reported on spaceweather.com, but I wouldn't be surprised if some
      aurora pictures show up in a couple of days. The active conditions
      are expected to continue for another 24 hours before beginning to
      settle down. Sunspot region 756 has grown big enough to be naked eye
      visible, and now spans 5 Earth-diamaters. It have at least an outside
      chance of generating an M-class flare, although so far, the background
      X-ray flux doesn't indicate a high level of activity from what is
      easily the largest sunspot region we've seen in awhile.

      The current solar and geomnagnetic conditions are :

      NOAA sunspot number : 53
      SFI : 106
      A index : 18
      K index : 5

      Solar wind speed : 650.4 km/sec
      Solar wind density : 1.9 protons/cc
      Solar wind pressure : 1.6 nPa

      IMF : 8.7 nT
      IMF Orientation : 3.4 nT South

      GOES-12 Background X-ray Flux level : B1

      Conditions for the last 24 hours :
      Space weather for the past 24 hours has been minor. Geomagnetic storms
      reaching the G1 level occurred.

      Forecast for the next 24 hours :
      Space weather for the next 24 hours is expected to be minor.
      Geomagnetic storms reaching the G1 level are expected.

      Solar activity forecast :
      Solar activity is expected to be low with a chance for an isolated
      M-flare from Region 756.

      Geomagnetic activity forecast :
      The geomagnetic field is expected to be unsettled to active with minor
      storm periods possible on 01 May. Conditions are expected to settled
      down to quiet to unsettled levels with active periods possible for the
      remainder of the period.

      Recent significant solar flare activity :