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2181Re: Nuclear power

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  • David
    Apr 28, 2004
      > Changing the topic a bit, this, but I'm beginning to believe the cancers
      > are result of some level of environmental "irritation" combined with a
      > severe inhibition of the immune system and other bodily repair
      > processes, an inhibition which seems to constitute a pandemic in the
      > Western world, at least.

      It is possible. However, consider the fact that people in the western
      world are living longer now than ever before. Given that, people are
      living long enough to develop things like cancer, Alzheimer's, and
      other age-related diseases that they didn't live long enough to
      encounter before. At one time, people died of things like pneumonia
      and polio while in the prime of life. Now, they live long enough to
      die from some form of cancer in their old age. Does that mean that
      cancer is becoming more common? Maybe, but there's a good reason for
      it. That obviously doesn't relate directly to Three Mile Island, but
      the next time you hear somebody say that incidents of cancer and
      Alzheimer's are on the rise, consider all of the factors involved.

      > Did you read about the professor who's just been fired for daring to
      > suggest that there actually is a safe level of sun exposure, and that we
      > shouldn't all spend the rest of lives living behind UV-filtering glass?

      I didn't hear about it but it doesn't surprise me.

      > Nuclear power plants could probably be pretty safe if run competently.
      > The question is, how do you ensure such management?

      I think the fact that the incidence of serious nuclear accidents in
      the western world is very low is a good indicator that the system, for
      the most part, is working.
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