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2179Re: [Methane Hydrate Club] Digest Number 547

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  • David
    Apr 27, 2004
      --- In methanehydrateclub@yahoogroups.com, "XK SAZ" <swezlex1@y...> wrote:
      > What do you think these people who live close to the plants are
      faking cancer?

      No. Neither have I seen a study that irrefutibly creates a causal
      link between the two. How do you know there might not be some other
      environmental factor responsible?

      > Do you think they evacuated everyone just for the fun of it?

      Of course not. Evacuation would be a normal action in case of a
      nuclear power plant accident. It would be done as a precaution. No
      surprises there.

      > Do you think that radiation poisoning gives you cancer or do you not
      "buy" that either?

      Sure it does. So do a lot of other things.

      > Some jobs within plants give such a high dosage of radiation that
      they will only allow
      > people to work on them for a couple hrs, then they've hit their limit.

      I understand that. It's a safety precaution. What's your point?
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